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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Pope's visit to Hiroshima (The comment by participants)The comment by participants who attended the meeting for peace

On November 24 (Sun), Pope Francis visited Hiroshima and the meeting for peace was held. The high school student who participate in 2019 Hiroshima Junior International Forum and Future Leaders’ Program for Global Peace attended the meeting. Comments by high school students are posted without editing.

I recognized an important thing through listen to pope. I knew that nuclear weapons are dangerous and we must not use it for war. However , before the day, I thought it can not be helped because some people think “we can use it for peace” Through this event, I noticed my thought was wrong. It is not easy to stop using and having nuclear weapons, but if we don’t do that, who can do it? We have to do action now!

I was so impressed with the speech of the Pope. I think we must show our actions to reduce nuclear weapons, not talk about the ideals for realizing peace.

I want to make good use of this experience to study about peace.

I could feel the warmth of pope.He bowed several times to the survivors.Seeing this sight,I truly respected him.Also,I decide to take action for peace as a Hiroshima citizen.First,NEVER forget the tragedy of war.Second,I continue to convey my thoughts on peace and listen to opinions of others.The influence of the Polo coming to japan is very large.I want to try not to make this temporary.

I will never forget my emotion that I felt when the pope appeared for the first time. All of him was saying that he himself is the leader of the world. The speech was so impressing that I was almost moved to tears. I appreciate that I could attend such a wonderful ceremony.

My interest about peace was improve, because I could listen to atomic bomb survivors’ testimony and pope’s speech. It was very precious experiences for me.

I was really impressed that when the Holy Father got off a car, the crowd cheered and applaued wildly. I believe that denuclearization will move forward because such person visited Hiroshima, atomic-bombed land, and gave a speech toward making peaceful world.

Thank you for inviting me to the gathering for peace.
When I saw him, I felt that he has a special aura and his words have big power.
 Through this gathering, my attitude towards peace changed. I’m so happy to attend the gathering. Thank you very much

It was an honor to meet the pope. I realized once again that we cannot build worldpeace with weapons by his words.

November 24, 2019. The pope visited Hiroshima for the first time in 38 years and held a ceremony at the Peace Memorial Park. I was very fortunate to attend the ceremony and hear his speech live. All words from his speech and every scenes of the ceremony resonated with me.
I’m sure that this day will be one of the most precious time of my life, it would motivate me and my actions in the future.

I believe that the visit of Pope Francis to Hiroshima had become a gleam of hope for the atomic bomb victims. His speech had told us, the young
generations, the preciousness of peace by appealing the peace without
force. We will continue to have a feeling of love and kindness towards

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Pope Francis visited Hiroshima on November 24

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