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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Pope's visit to HiroshimaPope Francis visited Hiroshima

On Novermber 24, Pope Francis visited Hiroshima. Meeting for peace was held at the Peace Memorial Park. Pope disseminated peace message.

People in the world are deeply encouraged by the words of Pope. we hope Pope’s message increases the momentum toward the abolition of nuclear weapons under the present sever situation of nuclear disarmament. Hiroshima Prefecture also keeps taking initiatives toward the abolition of nuclear weapons.

[Schedule of Pope’s visit to Hiroshima]

Pope arrived at the Peace Memorial Park

Governor of Hiroshima prefectre, mayor of Hiroshima city and assemble chairmen welcomed Pope Francis

Pope wrote the peace message in guest book

Pope placed a floral tribute and lit a candle

A moment of silent prayer

Testimonies of the a-bomb survivors

Peace Message by Pope


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