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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Cosmic Co., Ltd.

Regeneration of water—Bringing passions to the world—

Tadanoumi Ceramics®, which breathes life into water

Cosmic develops, manufactures and sells Tadanoumi Ceramics® (C-ceramics®), which improve the quality of water through oxidation-reduction. The more people get to know Cosmic, the more people use the product, resulting in improved water quality. The company aims to enhance the ability of all ecosystems to adapt to the environment, thereby helping people live healthy lives and achieve sustainable development.

As one of the efforts to fulfill this mission, the company has established a general incorporated foundation to promote the use of the technology among as many people as possible so as to contribute to society. Cosmic aims to help the Earth heal by itself and improve its natural purification ability through regenerating water using Tadanoumi Ceramics.

SDG-oriented features

Cosmic staff are confident that the achievement of every one of the 17 SDGs will contribute to creating a better world in the future. Based on this long-term perspective, the company takes various approaches to address the SDGs by applying its own technology that improves water quality. It places particular emphasis on Tadanoumi Ceramics (with focus on the special properties of iron, photosynthesis is magnetically recorded on iron, which is then fired using special clay), which convert wastewater into fresh water in various settings, from everyday life settings to manufacturing sites.

Cosmic Co., Ltd.

Address: 4-1-40, Enichi-cho, Mihara City



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