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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Eiwa Land Environment Co., Ltd.

Safe water from Hiroshima to the world

Underground water treatment system supporting our living.

Eiwa Land Environment Co., Ltd. started the environmental purification business in 1996 and developed AquaMake, a wastewater recycling treatment system. For this system, oyster shells are used. Oysters are a specialty of Hiroshima. This system converts toilet wastewater into freshwater, which is then circulated within the system and reused, which helps reduce the amount of untreated water released into ponds and rivers, thereby preventing eutrophication. Even in countries without lifelines, such as sewage systems, AquaMake makes it possible to use flush toilets. Currently in Japan, AquaMake is installed in 650 places, including public restrooms, to improve water quality and address environmental issues. The company aims to provide the technology used for AquaMake to overseas companies to fulfil its mission to provide clean water and toilets around the world.

SDG-oriented features

AquaMake is a wastewater treatment system using oysters from Hiroshima. Being installed underground, the system cannot usually be seen, but contributes to improving water quality and the environment not only in Japan but also abroad, while remaining inconspicuous. AquaMake provides safe water, which saves people who are suffering from water shortage and hygiene issues around the world.

Eiwa Land Environment Co., Ltd.

Address: 2-21-27, Minami-Zao-cho, Fukuyama City



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