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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Changing the environment and employees with visualization! (Nishimaki Industry Co., Ltd.)


Changing the environment and employees with visualization!

Nishimaki Industry Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, and is engaged in a wide range of community-based environmental conservation activities, including plant maintenance, collection and transportation of industrial waste, disaster recovery activities, and natural and environmental maintenance. Under its motto of “creating an environment that future generations can be proud of,” each and every employee is working with a high level of awareness to reduce the environmental impact of their work the best they can. The secret to this is the “visualization” of initiatives. By addressing each initiative through employee training and the company newspaper and by making evaluations visible, motivation can be improved.


The company newspaper, Nishimaki Dayori

If we can’t protect our local community, we can’t protect society!

Today, with the increasing prevalence of disasters, partly due to the effects of climate change, we need to be prepared to respond at any time in case of emergency. To do this, the first thing is to understand your own community—where do people live and who needs help? Nishimaki Sangyo, which has been involved in disaster relief to date, knows the benefits that a community-based approach can bring. By building these kinds of connections with the community on a regular basis, it may be possible to achieve SDG 11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities.” Protecting the local community is the first step to protecting society as a whole. Nishimaki Sangyo is putting in the effort to do that today.


Meeting on the environment

Peace of mind enriches people

I learned that appreciating the daily work that can only be done with the understanding of local people, the desire to clean up the local area and an attitude of wanting to give back to the community in any way possible are all leading to the creation of an environment that future generations can be proud of.
What impressed me most was the words of the staff member in charge: “When the place you live in is clean, it gives you the peace of mind to spare for other things, providing cleansing for both people and the natural environment.” I also learned that “continuing to do the everyday things” is a powerful way to change people and communities, and I realized that each of us needs to continue to take steady action to meet the major challenges posed by the SDGs.


Flowers planted in a ditch as part of a volunteer cleanup project

We conducted interviews!

  MATSUMOTO Yasuyo (4th year student, Yasuda Women’s University)

Nishimaki Industry Co., Ltd.

5630-1 Takasucho, Onomichi



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