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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Nishimaki Industry Co., Ltd.

Passing on the baton—creating an environment that future generations can be proud of


13.1 Strengthen resilience and adaptive capacity to climate-related hazards and natural disasters

11.6 Reduce the adverse environmental impact of cities, including air quality and municipal and other waste management

12.5 Substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling, and reuse

4.3 Ensure equal access for all women and men to quality education

8.8 Protect labor rights and promote safe and secure working environments of all workers


Initiative details

In line with our philosophy of “creating an environment that future generations can be proud of,” we are involved in a wide range of environmental improvement and landscaping services, including plant maintenance, pipeline surveys, and mowing and cleaning.
In order to prevent accidents and injuries by improving safety during work and to alleviate the labor shortage that is expected to emerge in the future, we are actively working to introduce and take advantage of new equipment.

Twin Vac dust collection vehicle

In particular, the introduction of the Twin Vac dust collection vehicle has led to a reduction in CO2 emissions and labor costs. The Twin Vac is a suction truck that can collect any fine particles and dust without scattering it, as well as particles that are difficult to collect with conventional suction trucks. With the introduction of the Twin Vac, work that used to take eight hours with two collection vehicles, one cyclone hopper, and six workers can now be completed in half the time with just one Twin Vac and one worker, allowing for more efficient use of time and personnel.
In addition, in August 2021 we introduced a multipurpose mobile pump intended for use in disaster rescue. This is a machine that sucks up sewage and sludge in the event of a disaster. It is compact, does not require a power source, and can be installed quickly, making it useful in the event of localized downpours or river flooding. We have actually used this product in areas hit by flooding and have received positive feedback from customers.


Multi-purpose mobile pump for use in floods

In addition, in the area around Takasu-cho, where the company is located, we are volunteering to clean up and dispose of overgrown trees in the precincts of a nearby shrine as part of community cleanup and landscaping activities. When cutting vegetation, we use a tree crusher to shred the branches and leaves that are left after the work, turning them into compost. In addition, the introduction of a radio controlled mower has made it possible for one person to cut vegetation on a 300-meter slope in about 30 minutes, which used to take three days even with six people working on it.
We also have an in-house backup system for acquiring qualifications, enabling each employee to improve their abilities and broaden the scope of their activities. In the field of sewer pipeline surveys, our female surveyor, who is rare in Japan, is making the most of their qualifications and demonstrating their abilities. This brings vitality to the company, producing a virtuous cycle that will lead to a society where all citizens have an active role to play.


Female surveyor/sewer pipe management engineer

Through our company’s business, local volunteer activities, and environmental conservation activities, we are working to create a virtuous cycle and continue our efforts to improve the environment, making reforms and improvements that will lead to the next generation.


Key Points

We provide opportunities for employees to gain a deeper understanding of their work and the environment it relates to. In addition, we aim to achieve the SDGs by gaining a detailed understanding of our own efforts through (1) discussion, (2) goal setting, (3) activities, and (4) reflection, with SDG promotion committee members playing a central role.
During volunteer cleanup activities, we engage in active communication with our neighbors to solve local problems and strengthen our ties with the local community.


Nishimaki Industry Co., Ltd.

5630-1 Takasucho, Onomichi



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