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Hiroshima for Global Peace

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Showcasing Hiroshima Prefecture’s sightseeing spots to the world!


To showcase Hiroshima Prefecture’s sightseeing spots to the world.
By creating new value for the Atomic Bomb Dome and Miyajima, and developing lesser-known tourist spots, I hope to bring benefits such as an increase in the number of overnight tourists and residents to Hiroshima Prefecture as a whole.


Initiative details

My clinic is in the business of physical therapy, but on my days off, I volunteer to film sightseeing videos of Hiroshima. Spurred by my deep passion for Hiroshima, where I have lived for many years, I started filming in September 2019, bringing the total number of videos to over 90 (as of July 2021).
Using two of Hiroshima’s major sightseeing spots as examples, I would like to introduce some of the ideas I came up with when shooting the videos.

Miyajima is well known as a World Heritage Site. Accordingly, I aim to convey the island in depth by shooting video from multiple perspectives. For example, I shot a video of climbing Mt. Misen and looking out over the Seto Inland Sea so that people could experience the beautiful blue scenery and know the appeal of Miyajima. I also visited Jigozen Shrine, the outer shrine of Itsukushima Shrine, ate oysters at an oyster shack in Jigozen, and shot a video of Itsukushima Shrine from a sightseeing boat, allowing me to communicate its history.

View of Itsukushima Shrine from a sightseeing boat

●Atomic Bomb Dome
The Atomic Bomb Dome is a symbol of peace and a living witness to Hiroshima’s reconstruction following the bombing. In general, I think the standard sightseeing route is to visit the Peace Memorial Museum and Peace Park, but in addition to this, I took pictures of the Atomic Bomb Dome from the observation deck of the Orizuru Tower. The blast from the atomic bomb spread out in many directions, damaging Zenpo-ji Temple in Nishi-Hiroshima, 2,740 meters from the hypocenter, affecting the walls of the Ebayama meteorology station, 3,700 meters away, and irradiating the eucalyptus trees of Hiroshima Castle, 1,000 meters away. I believe that by visiting the sites and shooting this video, I was able to convey the real scars left behind by the bombing.
I use several kinds of social media to share the photos and videos I have taken.


The Atomic Bomb Dome shot from the observation deck of the Orizuru Tower

For example, the videos are uploaded to YouTube with English text, so that people around the world can view them.

I also present tourism videos on Google My Business and my own website and post photos of tourist attractions on six different social media services (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Hiroshima Daily Washira/Ameba Blog/Line) to disseminate the appeal of the prefecture.
In addition, in order to boost tourism in the prefecture, I applied to the Hiroshima Tourism Association to become a HIT Hiroshima Tourism Ambassador. In addition to this, I also play videos in the clinic display case and hold photo exhibitions of tourist attractions there.
In this way, the clinic is doing its utmost to teach visitors about Hiroshima’s tourist attractions. I hope that people around the world will also promote their local sightseeing spots to boost tourism in their own countries.


Certificate of appointment as an HIT Hiroshima Tourism Ambassador

Key Points

Making the videos does involve some challenges, such as remembering to keep personal information in mind and getting permission to film. For example, when I was covering the Flower Festival, I needed permission from five different organizations to film. At first, it was difficult to get them to agree, but by conveying my enthusiasm for showing the appeal of Hiroshima Prefecture, I was able to get permission.
I will keep using this enthusiasm as an impetus to promote tourism in Hiroshima Prefecture.


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1-7-13 Kusatsuminami Nishi-Ku, Hiroshima



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