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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Hiroshima Television Corporation

Hiroshima Television, tackling the SDGs together!
As a TV station, we aim to be a standard-bearer for promoting the SDGs.


  • To create an environment in which young children can grow up healthy and sound
  • To work towards a city where everyone can live in peace and comfort
  • As a media organization, to continue to contribute to world peace by broadcasting information
  • As a media organization, to promote effective public, private and civil society partnerships


Initiative details

As a TV station, we aim to act as a standard-bearer for promoting the SDGs, and by carrying out various initiatives to raise awareness about the SDGs, we hope to make the citizens of the prefecture more aware of the importance of working toward achieving them.


For example, we are supporting the SDGs activities of companies and organizations in the prefecture by regularly featuring companies and organizations working on the SDGs on the evening information program “Terebi-ha” and are enhancing the content of our website to promote wider understanding of the SDGs. With the catchphrase “SDGs for Everyone,” the website explains the SDGs in an easy-to-understand format, featuring videos of organizations that were covered and broadcast, as well as a message from journalist Akira Ikegami. Also, since the SDGs are a difficult concept to understand, we aim to build the page in such a way that even children will take an interest. In addition, we have opened a Twitter account and are updating it regularly to expand the reach of our activities.


In addition, as a broadcaster in Hiroshima, we have provided ongoing coverage of nuclear weapons and peace. As part of the “Tsunagu Hiroshima” campaign, we continue to produce programs in the belief that our message of world peace will be conveyed not only to viewers in Hiroshima but also to people in Japan and abroad and that our programs will become an important voice that can be heard around the world, with the aim of realizing a world without nuclear weapons and war.

We will continue to cover nuclear weapons and peace with the publicity and continuity that only TV can provide

In March 2020, we co-hosted an online forum on the theme of “Sports and Peace” with the Hiroshima Office of UNITAR, a United Nations organization, where Hiroshima high school students gave speeches in English on the power of sports and held discussions with the General Representative of UNITAR about the path to achieving peace. As a media organization, we wanted to contribute to the peace activities commemorating the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations and offered to cooperate in publicity, management, reporting, and recording.


We are also conducting a variety of other initiatives.
Every year, in cooperation with the Hiroshima Medical Association, the Hiroshima Dental Association, and other organizations, we have held the “Childcare Support Group Sukoyaka” event to support people raising children, offering free health checks for children and information on child care support provided by sponsors (suspended in 2020 due to COVID-19). With this event, we aim to improve the health and well-being of the children of Hiroshima and provide them with educational opportunities.


Childcare Support Group Sukoyaka event to provide information on childcare support

In the spring of 2021, we launched the “Let’s Move Now, Everyone Together for Disaster Prevention” project. With natural disasters occurring almost every year, we deliver useful disaster prevention information even under normal circumstances, such as advance preparation to minimize damage and the concept of “advance recovery” to consider post-recovery urban development in advance, aiming to build disaster-resistant communities with the cooperation of prefectural residents, governments, and businesses.


We will work together with local governments to create communities that can respond flexibly to disasters

In addition, as a Nippon Television Network affiliate, our company operates and produces programs for “24 Hour Television: Love Saves the Earth” and provides support for people with disabilities and people who have been affected by disasters. We also aim to create a society without discrimination by using television to inform the public that there are people who need support for various reasons.


Key Points

Understanding that the philosophy of the SDGs is the same as that of our Broadcasting Standards, which stipulates that we should contribute to the creation of a peaceful society, we believe that as a television station, our social mission is to promote wider understanding of the SDGs through broadcasting. We will continue to promote the SDGs through our website, social media, and events.


Hiroshima Television Corporation

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