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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Hiroshima Television Corporation

       Hiroshima Television, Together for the SDGs!
As a TV station, we will take the lead in promoting the SDGs in the community.


・Strive to create a community where everyone can live in peace and comfort.
・Create an environment where children can grow up healthy and sound.
・Conclude agreements with administrative agencies regarding natural disasters, carefully and securely provide disaster prevention information to the residents of the prefecture, and foster awareness of disaster prevention.
・As a media organization, continue to contribute to the realization of nuclear weapons abolition and world peace by disseminating information in cooperation with related organizations.
・As a media organization, effectively promote public, public-private and civil society partnerships.


This is who we are!

Hiroshima Television is a terrestrial television station headquartered in Hiroshima City. Marking the 60th anniversary of its establishment in 2022, we aim to become a media organization that further contributes to the local community with the theme of “Reborn.”
In 2018, our head office was relocated to the north area of JR Hiroshima Station, commonly known as “Ekikita.” We have been broadcasting information from the new building, which is equipped with disaster control functions and takes into account the ease of work. In addition to broadcasting and events, we have been promoting new businesses in response to the demands of the times, such as content distribution and DX-related businesses.


Initiative details

Hiroshima Television has been implementing multifaceted initiatives to achieve the SDGs.
With the slogan, ”Together for the SDGs,” we inform the residents of the prefecture of the importance of SDGs initiatives. In addition to regularly introducing companies and organizations working on the SDGs on the evening information program “TV-ha,” we also upload videos and post commentary videos on the SDGs by Akira Ikegami on our website in an effort to publicize the SDGs. We also broadcast commercials to promote the SDGs, in an attempt to attract the interest of even children. We update our Twitter regularly to encourage wider participation in our activities.


Hiroshima Television’s website “Together for the SDGs” is a page that introduces the initiatives by Hiroshima Television. It contains videos of commentary on the SDGs by Akira Ikegami and companies and organizations that are working on the SDGs.

As the Hiroshima-based broadcaster, we have continued to provide coverage of the atomic bombing and peace, and we have also been sending our messages for world peace both in Japan and abroad as part of the “Tsunagu Hiroshima” campaign. Every year on August 6 since 2015, we have invited the journalist Akira Ikegami to explain the situation surrounding nuclear weapons, in order to explore the path to the realization of peace.
From this summer, in collaboration with the Hiroshima City Board of Education, we have started a project to provide video footage of our programs as peace education materials so that elementary, junior high, and high school students can use them for peace learning.


Hiroshima Television’s website “Hiroshima TV On Demand/TSUNAGU Hiroshima” introduces past reports on the atomic bombing and documentary programs. It is the starting point of Hiroshima Television’s wish for peace and calls for nuclear abolition.

In the “Let’s Take Action Now! Disaster Prevention Together with Everyone Project” campaign, we deliver via our programs, website, or apps disaster prevention information that is useful even in ordinary times, such as “pre-disaster prevention” to minimize damage and “pre-disaster recovery” to consider in advance community development in the post-recovery phase, with natural disasters occurring almost every year. We aim to create a disaster-resistant community together with everyone, including residents of the prefecture, administration, and companies.


We held the “Workshop for Disaster Prevention from the Forest in Onaga” as part of the “Let’s Take Action Now! Disaster Prevention Together with Everyone Project.” Children who participated learned how the maintenance of forests is connected to disaster prevention and about the importance of protecting nature. Mio Tsukahara, a weather caster and weather forecaster of Hiroshima Television, served as the lecturer. (June 4, 2022: Onaga District, Higashi-ku, Hiroshima City)

Through the operation and program production for “24-Hour Television: Love Saves the Earth” as an affiliate station of Nippon Television Network, we provide support for people with disabilities and those affected by disasters. Our programs introduce the activities and thoughts of people who strive to overcome their disabilities with a strong will to achieve their goals, and those who work toward recovery from disasters. We intend to convey to our audiences the importance of a society in which people can live in health and peace, and to work together to achieve this goal.

Every year since 2004, we have co-hosted “Cheer for Child-raising Parents – Sukoyaka,” an event to support child-raising parents, mainly those of preschool children, with the Hiroshima Prefectural Medical Association, Hiroshima Prefectural Dental Association, and other organizations. This event is held in collaboration with the administration and the private sector, with the belief that it is the healthy growth of children that is necessary for the realization of a peaceful society in the future. The event venue features a “Health Support Zone,” where health consultations and useful information for children are provided, a “Sukoyaka Zone,” where nursery school and kindergarten teachers introduce intellectual education and play, and a “Companies/Organizations Zone,” where booths of companies that endorse the support for child-raising are lined up. Although the event was held by distributing information online in 2020 and 2021, it was held physically in May 2022 at our head office building for the first time in three years and was participated by more than 13,000 people.


“Cheer for Child-raising Parents – Sukoyaka” held on-site for the first time in three years (May 28 and 29, 2022: near the Hiroshima Television building) A “health support” booth where doctors and dentists provided consultations, an area for “intellectual educational play” with kindergarten and nursery school teachers, and many other activities were offered! It was an event for supporting child-raising parents that focused not only on fun for parents and children but also on health and welfare.

Key Points

We understand that the philosophy of the SDGs is consistent with our aim as a broadcaster to realize a peaceful society. We believe it is important to work on the SDGs through broadcasting, events, and new projects to contribute to society.
To create an internal framework, we have established an SDGs Promotion Committee in-house, consisting of members from news production, programming, sales, general affairs, and compliance departments. We hold the Committee meetings on a regular basis to formulate plans for our activities. In addition to reporting the details of our activities to management each time, we also publish them in every issue of the company newsletter to raise awareness among our employees.
Additionally, as a collaboration with external parties, we have concluded disaster prevention agreements with Hiroshima Prefecture and almost all local governments in the prefecture under the “Let’s Take Action Now! Disaster Prevention Together with Everyone Project.” The agreement stipulates that in the event of a disaster, we should share information with local governments for reporting the disaster, and work with them to foster awareness of disaster prevention among local residents during ordinary times. In the future, we will share videos and materials owned by each other and provide them to local residents.


Hiroshima Television Corporation

3-5-4 Futabanosato, Higashi-ku, Hiroshima City


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