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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Furukawa Co., Ltd.

A present to the future
—Efforts to change the global and social environment using recycled resources—


Waste materials produced in the process of plastic molding, waste of sheet-type mold material, testing products used to adjust the colors and textures of a product, and used pallets and seedling boxes have been disposed of as plastic waste. Furukawa Co., Ltd. does not regard these materials as waste but as resources. Based on this recognition, the company sorts out, pulverizes, washes and extrudes plastic waste using its own technology. After physical properties are tested, the waste is “brought back to life” to serve as a new resource, “regenerated resin pellet,” which is provided to companies as a raw material. Developed countries around the world export plastic waste to developing countries in Asia. Due to poor garbage management in these countries, there are concerns over health hazards caused by medical waste. Furukawa contributes to creating a human- and nature-friendly environment in these countries. For example, the company provides lectures at universities in Vietnam to improve people’s understanding of recycling. It is also involved in recycling efforts in some of the countries to create jobs. Furukawa makes efforts to achieve a resource recycling society and to manufacture products friendly to local communities and the environment with an eye toward the future.

SDG-oriented features

Plastic made from petroleum was invented in the 1960s and has made our lives convenient. However, the consumption of petroleum leads to the emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs). The reduction of GHG emissions has become a global concern. In addition, petroleum is a limited resource. Furukawa’s efforts are focused on developing substitute resources friendly to the environment, improving the understanding of waste separation in regions that are unfamiliar with such a scheme, recycling precious resources, and increasing recycling-related jobs, instead of imposing impossible restrictions.

Furukawa Co., Ltd.

Address: 182-2, Tonogouchi-cho, Shobara City



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