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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Polyphony Space On.Off

Having one’s own time to be with one’s child

Mothers enjoying their time while their child is playing

Polyphony Space On.Off is a combination of a coworking space, a temporary child care center, a parent-child café, and an open space, successfully incorporating the advantages of each of these facilities. Like polyphony, music in which several different tunes are played at the same time, users gathering in one space can each spend their own time individually: while mothers and fathers are concentrating on what they want to do, such as a hobby to refresh their minds, their children can enjoy their time in the same space while being watched over by dedicated children’s nurses. Polyphony Space On.Off hopes that like-minded people will operate similar facilities in different places outside of Hiroshima to provide similar services to the child-raising generation to help as many people as possible.

SDG-oriented features

Those raising children are often too busy taking care of their children and cannot do what they want to do. Polyphony Space On.Off was started by its founder who had the same experience when she was raising her child and wanted to solve this problem. If this facility can give women more opportunities to be involved in a broader range of activities, it will also expand their potential.

Polyphony Space On.Off

Address: 2nd floor, Felice Grande Midori-i, 3-15-21, Midori-i, Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima City



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