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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Energia Communications, Inc. (EneCom)

Crowdfunding in your city

Consultation between a staff member of Energia Communications and a proposer

FAAVO Hiroshima is a crowdfunding platform connecting proposers of projects to energize local communities and those who support them.
One of the most characteristic features of FAAVO Hiroshima is that its staff in charge provide proposers with a detailed explanation of crowdfunding (encouragement of local communities, public relations activities, invitation of fans, and test marketing) and thorough support. It is aimed at helping clients grow and develop, both individuals and corporations, and revitalizing Hiroshima, thereby contributing to the development of society as a whole.

To achieve this mission, EneCom holds monthly sessions on FAAVO Hiroshima for proposers, and participates in Hiroshima Mirai Koryukai (a networking event) to introduce FAAVO Hiroshima to other participants. Thanks to these publicity activities, EneCom is receiving an increasing number of inquiries about FAAVO Hiroshima.

The company will focus its efforts on eliminating people’s mental hesitation about using crowdfunding in order to promote the use of FAAVO Hiroshima.

SDG-oriented features

Energia Communications, Inc. has launched FAAVO Hiroshima, which is designed to increase the added value of industries and local products in Hiroshima where the company is located.
FAAVO Hiroshima helps promote the culture and products of Hiroshima and promote the local tourism industry. FAAVO Hiroshima gives impetus to promoting regional revitalization and, as a result, will bring about innovation in sustainable economic growth and industrialization.

Energia Communications, Inc. (EneCom)

Address:2-11-10, Ote-machi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City(New Projects Team I, Business Promotion Division, Management Strategy Department)

Tel: +81-50-8201-1767


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