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Kotobuki Solution Co., Ltd.

Information technology society without a digital divide Implementation of measures to make many people smile and feel happier

Multifunctional video telephone

Kotobuki Solution Co., Ltd. sells “Banji-Banno,” a multifunctional video telephone terminal, with the aim of making elderly people smile and feel happier. This video telephone terminal is easy to operate and can be used for various applications, such as video calls, the Internet and email. It can be operated via a touch panel, which is easy enough for even elderly people to use. It is designed to minimize the complexity of the operation and to be friendly to a wide range of people. The company has provided Banji-Banno free of charge to Okuizumo-cho, a town with a declining population, to form a network, generating many positive changes in local residents. It has been reported that they now smile more often and that they are having more conversations than before. It is our hope that elderly people will use this terminal comfortably as a useful tool for them, rather than thinking that it is being used to monitor them.

SDG-oriented features

This device can help eliminate disparity and inequality in information access among elderly people who have been unfamiliar with information technology, and those with hearing impairment who have difficulty in communicating by phone. It has a receiver so that elderly people can use it comfortably. It also displays information useful to users every day, such as garbage collection days, birthdays, and blood pressure measurement.

Kotobuki Solution Co., Ltd.

Address: Kotobuki Kogyo Bldg., 2-6-6, Naka-dori, Kure City



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