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TPC Changes the Way to Recycle!!!


Battery regeneration charger Twin Pulse Charger (TPC)

HIVEC Inc., a manufacturer that designs and develops automotive and railway components, has developed the Twin Pulse Charger (TPC), a regenerative battery charger, aiming to contribute to a recycling-oriented society.
Currently, most of the lead-acid batteries for cars and cleaning machines are disposed of after using them just once. This technology of HIVEC enables recharge and reuse of these lead-acid batteries, which will contribute to the reduction of the carbon dioxide emissions from battery manufacturing. It also reduces discharge of harmful substances, such as lead and dilute sulfuric acid, used in lead batteries.
The company believes that further promotion of TPC use will contribute to the achievement of “Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production” by reducing industrial waste, use of harmful substances and emissions. To change the industrial structure of mass production and mass consumption, HIVEC plans to spread the use of recycled batteries in partnership with companies in Hiroshima Prefecture as well as various domestic and foreign stakeholders.

SDG-oriented features

To achieve the goals of the SDGs, people at HIVEC believe that the company needs to achieve both its profitability and social contribution. President Shimizu strongly believes that their daily effort for the development of technical skills leads to social contribution. It is apparent that the president’s passion has been passed down to all employees and has led to their active efforts for SDGs.

2-1-21 Nishiosawa, Higashi Hiroshima City

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