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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Umwelt Co., Ltd.



Support Development of Safe and Sustainable Cities behind the Scene


A drone at a disaster site collects 3D survey data to create CAD drawings.

In recent years, our safety and security have been shaken by aging infrastructures and repeated natural disasters. The government has also advocated “National Resilience” and is promoting the building of a disaster-resistant nation.
Umwelt Co., Ltd., a general construction consultant, contributes to the development of safe, secure, sustainable, and livable cities with its technical skills cultivated through its experience in civil engineering design and surveying.
The company has quickly introduced and learned new technologies and skills, such as underground exploration, non-destructive inspection, and 3D scanner drones, to discover problems in infrastructures and extend their service life by repair and renovation. Once a disaster occurs, the company cooperates in the initial disaster investigation. The company’s technologies help grasp the situation at a disaster site that is difficult to access and also help create drawings and 3D images. When heavy rains hit western Japan and caused tremendous damage in 2018, Umwelt cooperated in disaster surveys at as many as 300 locations at the request of Hiroshima Prefecture and other stricken cities and towns. Analysis of survey data requires specialized knowledge. The company strives to retain human resources and maintain technical skills by creating a positive working environment for employees.

SDG-oriented features

Umwelt, the name of the company, is a German word meaning “environment.” As its name represents, the company believes that civil engineering and construction and the technologies supporting them are the foundation to realize an environment where people can live in peace of mind for a long time. It strives to continue to be a company that contributes to society. Umwelt maintains the safety of buildings and eliminates waste of resources by detecting weak points in existing buildings and repairing/reinforcement them, not by the conventional scrap-and-build approach. It strives to be environmentally friendly by giving “a stitch in time to save nine.”

Umwelt Co., Ltd.
8-1-7 Aga Minami, Kure City

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