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Hiroshima for Global Peace

The Hiroshima Bank, Ltd.



Establish the Reliable Hirogin Group with a Strong Relationship with the Community


New head office building of Hirogin to be completed in 2021 (conceptual image)

The Hiroshima Bank, Ltd. (“Hirogin”) is contributing to the SDGs by helping revitalize the region and being conscious of the environment. For example, Hirogin helps to promote tourism in the region through its core services as a banker, including support for inviting and constructing a world-class brand hotel on the redevelopment site in the region in cooperation with the Setouchi DMO to increase the number of tourists, including foreigners. By supporting tourism businesses, the bank strives to help create traffic of people and revitalize industries in Hiroshima. Hirogin is also taking part in city redevelopment projects to realize a low-carbon, disaster-resistant city that takes into consideration the environment and disaster prevention. It provides financing to these projects to rebuild old buildings that have issues in terms of disaster prevention and energy efficiency. Regional revitalization is not the responsibility of the government alone. Rather, private companies should also take part in the efforts to revitalize the local community, and a local bank should grow with the region. Hirogin is engaged in activities that incorporate the idea of SDGs to realize a society where everyone in the region, including Hirogin, can go in a positive direction.

SDG-oriented features

To be a company that prospers with the community, Hirogin is actively working on activities to help the development of a sustainable and livable town for local people.
Major examples are support for projects to promote tourism and building construction projects that take into consideration the environment and disaster prevention. The bank actively invests in projects that are in line with the SDGs. It aims to vitalize both the towns and companies in the region through these SDG activities.

The Hiroshima Bank, Ltd.
1-1-7 Nishi Kaniya, Minami-ku, Hiroshima City (tentative head office)

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