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Add Value to the Existing Buildings


Rooftop renovation is an example of value addition to the existing building.

A building has a useful life and needs maintenance for safe and comfortable use. However, at present, there are many old dilapidating housing complexes in Japan. Lucks Co., Ltd. is engaged in housing renovation, such as waterproofing and exterior and interior renovation, and seismic reinforcement, without demolishing the old buildings, to help homeowners live in their homes safely and comfortably for long years. Besides extending the life of a building through renovation, the company also proposes to renovate the unused space of the existing building, such as the rooftop, to enhance the value of the entire building by adding facilities having new attractive functions. Another appealing point is that renovated houses can be supplied at a lower cost than new houses.

SDG-oriented features

You build a house or other building to stay and live in that place. Renovation is one way to maintain a town where people can live in for long years by refurbishing and reinforcing existing buildings so that you can use and live in them for a long time. Renovation also enhances the value of the existing buildings and adds new functions, contributing to regional revitalization. Because renovation reduces the necessity of demolition and rebuilding, it also helps save resources and reduce waste.

Lucks Co., Ltd.
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