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SANKYO Corporation


Spreading the Use of Bicycles as Safe Vehicles


At their bicycle shops, they provide inspection and maintenance services for the safe use of bicycles.

Many people use bicycles in Hiroshima City. And as road bikes and other sport-type bicycles are in fashion, more people are purchasing faster bicycles. You can ride bicycles casually in most places. But how many people know and always keep in mind that they are riding a vehicle?
SANKYO Corporation encourages bicycle users who are purchasing a bicycle at its shops to buy a bicycle liability insurance contract and, at the same time, takes the time to explain to them about traffic safety rules and manners. SANKYO believes that this initiative will help bicycle users to remind themselves that they can be both the victim and the responsible party of a bicycle accident and to protect the safety of themselves and those around them.
Moreover, unlike cars, people tend to pay less attention to the maintenance and inspection of bicycles. Inspection and maintenance of a bicycle, which is also a vehicle that goes on the road, are also essential for safe riding. When it proposes the purchase of insurance, SANKYO also takes time to explain this.

SDG-oriented features

Employees have qualifications to solicit insurance. A qualified employee proposes an insurance plan suitable for each customer. As a company that deals in both cars and bicycles, SANKYO strives to promote the use of bicycles as a safe vehicle for both the riders and people around them by encouraging the purchase of bicycle insurance.

SANKYO Corporation
5-1 Funairi Honmachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City

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