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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Maeda Housing Co., Ltd.


Housing for Enhancing the Community and People’s Health


A house renovated by Maeda Housing

Maeda Housing is working on the renovation of housing performance on three axes. The first axis is insulation. About 17,000 people die in accidents at home every year, about five times more than in traffic accidents, and most of these deaths are said to be caused by heat shock. Renovation to insulate housing can reduce the number of people who die from heat shock. The second axis is seismic. The company offers a renovation of the seismic grade 3 level, strengthening and achieving a long-lasting house that withstands an earthquake of seismic intensity level 7. The company is working to raise homeowners’ seismic awareness as people in Hiroshima Prefecture are said to have the lowest seismic awareness in Japan. The third axis is the reuse of unoccupied houses. The increase of unoccupied houses has become a social problem. In Hiroshima Prefecture, the population in many apartment complexes are aging. Maeda Housing renovates and distributes high-quality pre-owned housing that is affordable for young people so that they can realize the life they want within their budget. Through housing renovation, the company aims to increase the value of existing housing in Japan.

SDG-oriented features

Revitalizing the community and enhancing the health of homeowners through the improvement of the living environment in housing. Maeda Housing is contributing to the maintenance of a town where people want to live in for a long time. Natural disasters in recent years caused damage to many houses. It is also often said that insufficient insulation and other poor living environments in housing cause heat shock, heatstroke and other deaths at home. The increase of unoccupied houses due to the declining population is also a social problem. Through housing renovation, Maeda Housing works to improve the health of homeowners and provide long-lasting homes to contribute to the vitalization of the community.

Maeda Housing Co., Ltd.
10-14 Hacchobori, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City

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