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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Onomichi Omotenashi Co., Ltd.

Aiming to Become a Place Loved by Community People


Onomichi Minatokan entertains tourists as well as local people.

Onomichi Omotenashi Co., Ltd. operates Onomichi Minatokan, a facility with a natural hot spring, hotel, and restaurant. The spa facility works with the community, shops on the Onomichi Shopping Street, and local business operators to revitalize the town.
The building reuses materials from old houses and is decorated with antique furniture. At the restaurant, locally recruited staff members serve dishes made from locally grown food. Onomichi Minatokan also issues spa discount coupons for the nearby shopping street, such as a spa and meal plan for a Japanese restaurant and a spa and pottery making experience plan for a pottery class, aiming to revitalize the town. It also values connection with people in the community by offering a spa day use membership and conducts other events to encourage community people to come and enjoy its hot spring. When a heavy rain struck the area and caused a disaster in July 2018, determined to do what they could do to help the disaster-stricken community, the spa facility offered its well for use by people who could not get water due to water cutoff. It is committed to continuing to contribute to sustainable community development through tourism.

SDG-oriented features

Onomichi Minatokan is a place where people in the community can mingle with each other while enjoying the hot spring. The staff extends brilliant hospitality in everything they do. Onomichi Minatokan offers attractive services to be loved by everyone, not only tourists but also locals, including menu items using oysters and local ingredients from around the country, shampoo bars at the baths from which guests can choose any shampoo items they like, entertainment plans in cooperation with the shopping street nearby, active employment of local people and others.

Onomichi Omotenashi Co., Ltd.
1-3-37 Kubo, Onomichi City

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