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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Maeda Housing Co., Ltd.


  Using living environments to enrich communities and health


To revitalize communities and improve people’s health by improving living environments and to create places where people can live for many years to come. In recent years, there has been a lot of discussion about damage to houses caused by natural disasters and health problems such as heat shock and heat stroke caused by inadequate insulation. In addition, with the declining population, the increase in the number of vacant houses has also become a social problem. By renovating houses, we will improve the health of those who live in them, create houses that can be lived in for years to come, and revitalize local communities.


Initiative details

●Improving living environments
Through renovation, we improve houses’ resistance to earthquakes, energy-saving capabilities, and heat insulation and create homes that are friendly to the environment and people’s health and that can be lived in for many years.

Renovated “Miyazono House” to be completed in July
Renovation of grandparents’ 30-year-old house

●Human rights
We are working to create a workplace environment that improves productivity while allowing everyone to work in comfort. This involves prohibiting harassment, enhancing support systems for work-life balance, and implementing work style reform.


●Creating communities where people can continue to live
By renovating houses that can be lived in for many years, we are working to resolve the social problem posed by the increasing number of vacant houses and contribute to the creation of communities where people can continue to live.


Remodeling of a vacant 26-year-old apartment building

●Local revitalization
In accordance with our business objective of “helping to make the people we engage with happy,” we are actively involved in local employment, use of materials produced in the prefecture, and community service projects to contribute to the building of a sustainable local societies.


Key Points

・Entered the SDGs Business Contest held in Hiroshima, winning an Honorable Mention
・SDG Points—Use of Hirogin’s SDG support services
・Presentation to business partners and cooperating companies at the management policy briefing
・Explanation at recruitment briefing
・Press release
・Conducting internal study sessions
・Awareness-raising activities at youth basketball tournaments
By explaining the SDGs to people both inside and outside the company, as well as informing them of our own initiatives, we are trying to first make the SDGs widely known and then involve all kinds of people in our activities.


Maeda Housing Co., Ltd.

10-14 Hatchobori Naka-Ku, Hiroshima



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