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Aiming for a sustainable society through used housing (Maeda Housing Co., Ltd.)


Aiming for a sustainable society through used housing

Through its housing remodeling and renovation business, Maeda Housing Co., Ltd. is working to improve the performance of homes based on the three key principles of heat insulation, earthquake resistance, and reuse of vacant houses, aiming to achieve a sustainable society in line with SDG 11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities“ and SDG 12 “Responsible Consumption and Production.” In the area of heat insulation, renovations are carried out to improve insulation and reduce the risk of heat shock-related accidents in the home. In the area of earthquake-proofing, the company considers the lack of awareness of earthquake-proofing among the people of Hiroshima Prefecture to be an issue that needs addressing and works to raise awareness of the importance of disaster prevention by strengthening earthquake-proofing facilities through remodeling. In the area of reusing vacant houses, the company provides high-quality renovated used houses to help younger generations achieve their ideal lifestyle on a budget.


Interview with President and Representative Director Maeda

Natural materials that are gentle to people and the Earth

In order to achieve SDG 12 “Responsible Consumption and Production,” Maeda Housing is tackling the SDGs from a broad perspective by actively recommending the use of environmentally friendly natural materials in its renovation business. The use of natural materials is an effective use of the Earth’s resources and also a health-friendly choice. One of the most common examples is timber made of 100% natural wood. Solid natural wood helps control humidity and is pleasant to the touch, making for a comfortable living environment. Plastered walls have a similar effect, reducing the risk of mold due to condensation and alleviating concerns about eczema and allergies.


SDGs Business Contest Incentive Award (2019)

Appeal of the remodeling and renovation business

At first glance, remodeling and renovation may seem to mean the same thing, but they are slightly different. Generally speaking, remodeling refers to the process of restoring a dilapidated building to like-new condition, while renovation refers to the process of performing extensive work on an existing building to make it perform better than when it was newly built. I realized that by developing a business that remodels and renovates used houses as Maeda Housing does, we can not only resolve the problem of the increasing number of vacant houses but also contribute to SDG 11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities“ from a wide range of perspectives, such as reducing accidents in the home and improving awareness of earthquake resistance.


Complete remodeling of detached house

We conducted interviews!

 OTA Mika (3rd year student, Yasuda Women’s University)

 KAMETANI Hinano (2nd year student, Yasuda Women’s University)

 ISHIKAWA Kana (1st year student, Yasuda Women’s University)

Maeda Housing Co., Ltd.

10-14 Hatchobori Naka-Ku, Hiroshima



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