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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Roundtable Talk!:How we face the SDGs and “with Corona” society

The university students who participated in the project exchanged opinions from different standpoints based on the experience and insights they obtained through the project.

How can we address the SDGs…? Here is a part of the 90-minutelong talk!

Vision for a “with Corona” society based on lessons from the project

MIYATA:I interviewed the tourist association of Sera Town, which runs the Michi-no-eki roadside station facility in the town. I imagined they would be very negatively impacted by the coronavirus crisis. However, they opened their online shop to acquire new customers for the future, making me realize that it is possible to create many positive ideas from a negative situation.

NAGATA:I interviewed an organization and a TV station that offer educational opportunities. Both were working to expand their activities, taking the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity. I saw people encouraged to learn about the SDGs, taking advantage of online systems, regardless of where they were.

OKIMOTO:I visited a Japanese-style confectionery shop in Hiroshima with a history of over 100 years. Despite my preconception that Japanese
confectionery shops adhered to tradition, the company operating the shop was actively introducing new ideas and respecting people’s individuality. Their attitude of transforming themselves in line with the times instead of just preserving tradition gives us a hint on the path to sustainability.

SHIMOZAKI: Believing that Hiroshima should play a role toward the SDGs, we discussed how we could promote them and came up with this project through such discussions. Since a major objective of this project was to develop competent human resources by providing university students with opportunities to talk with business people and learn about the SDGs, I was pleased to hear about your active commitment to the project. I expect you all to learn and think for yourselves and then communicate what you have learned and thought to a broad range of people.

NAKASHIMA:Establishing ties is a key to achieving the SDGs. You, as university students, may help companies you have interviewed establish ties between themselves. Through such ties among companies or partnerships between companies and students, I think the SDG initiatives in Hiroshima will expand. Ideas of young students like yourselves can change society, which I believe is wonderful.

How I see the SDGs and actions to achieve them

SHIMOZAKI :“Achieve Goals 1 through 15 based on partnerships (Goal 17) to build peaceful societies (Goal 16).”
The SDGs should be related to businesses in Hiroshima Prefecture. The reason why our department, which is in charge of peace promotion, plays a central role is that our policy is to achieve the SDGs from the perspective of peace promotion. We place emphasis on the perspective of Goal 16 in addressing the SDGs, with the aim of realizing a peaceful society.

OKIMOTO: Start from “ties”
I think the SDGs are not really goals but are merely transit points. I imagine a future where we will naturally live in sustainable societies. To this end, we should start by communicating messages from our respective standpoints, and will work to disseminate sustainable lifestyles to people
around the world. I will work toward such dissemination from the standpoint of a university student.

NAGATA: “Disseminate lifestyles → Goals 12, 13, 16”
I think establishing ties is very important. For Hiroshima, it is important to establish ties with the entire world through peace promotion. Individuals can play a part in disseminating lifestyles related to Goals 12, 13 and 16. It is difficult to address environmental issues and the SDGs if they do not seem interesting. So I hope I can help the younger generation including myself enjoy working toward the SDGs.

MIYATA: “Think positive and take positive action!!”
Those who are not aware of the SDGs may be left behind. I want to draw such people into discussions on the SDGs. I want to play such a role. I will start by providing information for the people around me, like my family members and friends, and think together with them. Today’s talk has made me strongly keen to do this.

NAKASHIMA:“Start with what we can do, to make both people and nature happy.”
Everyone and everything—we ourselves and our children in the future, as well as the natural environment—should be happy. To achieve that, I have done what I can do in my lifestyle over 10 to 20 years, which is also useful in my work. Starting with what we can do, even if it is just a tiny thing, will lead to dynamic transformation of society.

Detail of the talk( EPO chugoku HP)

HP. http://epocg. jp/activity/houkoku/sdgsselectbook2020/

To Hiroshima branch of Richo Japan, Thank you very much for allowing us to use this venue and equipment.

Roundtable participants

After having a broad range of experiences, including working for the Ministry of the Environment and serving as the Deputy Governor of Nagano Prefecture, is currently involved in promoting carbonneutral innovations. Enjoys dual residency in urban and rural areas.

Mr. SHIMOZAKI Masahiro
In charge of communicating global peace promotion from Hiroshima. Has devoted over half of his over 50 years of life to working for the Hiroshima prefectural government.

Ms. OKIMOTO Haruka
Studying business administration, economics and management, and wishes to contribute to solving social issues through work.

Became interested in community building while learning about architecture and housing at the university.

Ms. NAGATA Minori
Having experienced studying abroad, currently studying about sustainable tourism for the graduation thesis.

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