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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Manac Incorporated. Fukuyama Factory & Research Center

Support the health of people with chemical technologies! Contributing to the evolution and development of society and pursuing sustainability

Manac Incorporated aims to create a better society by using its ever-evolving bromination and iodination technologies.
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Manac continues to take on the challenge of balancing social development and sustainability!

Responding to changes caused by COVID-19

Interviewer: Did the COVID-19 pandemic affect your business operation? Did you have to suspend your manufacturing or business operation? Have you launched any new initiatives amid the coronavirus crisis?

Mr. MORIOKA: The COVID-19 pandemic has had some impact on our overseas business, but the overall performance has not been damaged. Seeing the shortage of disinfectant liquid everywhere, we donated our antimicrobial agent Etok® Safety Coat® to medical institutions and schools in our local Fukuyama City and Hiroshima Prefecture as a social contribution initiative.

Changes made in line with awareness of the SDGs

Interviewer: Among the 17 targets of the SDGs, “3. Good health and wellbeing” seems most relevant to your company. Could you explain the specific actions you have taken? And have you felt any effects of paying attention to the SDGs?

Mr. MORIOKA: Our flame retardants and medical products are closely related to your daily lives. Flame retardants are added to plastics to make them unburnable, preventing home appliances from catching fire due to deterioration. In the medical-related area, we manufacture pharmaceutical raw materials for cancers, and intermediates for investigational drugs in the gynecology field. In this way, we contribute to the promotion of health and welfare. Compared to before we paid attention to the SDGs, our employees’ awareness has been greatly improved. They have become sensitive to data, newspaper articles, practices of other companies, and any other information related to the SDGs.

How will you contribute to the “with Corona” lifestyle?

Interviewer: Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we are required to change our lifestyles significantly. Under this situation, what is your vision for the future?

Mr. MORIOKA:We are exploring new ways of working in the “with-Corona” era. We proactively introduce new initiatives and ideas to facilitate more flexible work styles and enable more efficient production. Also, in response to the public attention to our Etak® in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been working to establish systems to ensure stable supply of the products and promote their sales to many people. We will contribute to society through our products to realize new lifestyles for people.

Manac Incorporated. Fukuyama Factory & Research Center

92 Minooki-cho, Fukuyama


Interview with

Planning Strategies Office, Planning Management Division: MORIOKA Shunya

We conducted interviews!

KURIHARA Mari(Yasuda Women’s University):Chemical technologies helped deepen ties with the local communities!

FURUMOTO Hana(Yasuda Women’s University):We had a valuable experience!

Comment from editor

I was impressed that the company had donated their product “Etok® Safety Coat®” to local communities suffering shortages of disinfectant liquid. I think the company values ties with local communities. Now that people’s awareness of health and safety has been improved due to COVID-19, I expect further growth of their business taking advantage of their chemical technologies, their greatest strength.

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