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“From FACTORY to WACTORY”—Three WAs— (Sinwa Kinzoku Co., Ltd.)



“From FACTORY to WACTORY”—Three WAs 

Sinwa Kinzoku Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in plating. “From FACTORY to WACTORY” (WA stands for three Japanese words starting with WA: harmony, allocation, and excitement) is the slogan for the company’s SDGs initiatives, and these three “WAs” are based on valuing employees and making them feel motivated and happy in their work.
The company’s efforts to date have resulted in a reduction in employee turnover. In addition, by revamping the company building with its corporate colors and renewing uniforms, it became easier to convey the intended image of the company both internally and externally. The number of supporters has increased, and the scope of the company’s activities has expanded to include cooperation with social welfare councils and distance learning schools. The company hopes that the connections it has made through these initiatives will serve as a springboard for its development.


60th anniversary photo

Achieving the SDGs in line with a corporate culture that values diversity

When Sinwa Kinzoku was first established, the founder’s wife welcomed people who had trouble finding a place to work as employees, regardless of age, disability, or gender, which formed the foundation of the company. Since the current president himself had also experienced the loss of someone close who was suffering from mental illness, he sympathized with this idea that a company can develop greatly by emphasizing diversity. The company continues to emphasize “hiring and staffing based on people’s attributes without prejudice” as its HR philosophy and is working to address the SDGs.
One of the aims of communicating the company’s SDGs-related initiatives is to appeal to new customers. However, the company is not changing its nature in order to publicize the SDGs. Rather, it is implementing initiatives to achieve the SDGs in line with its corporate culture, focusing on the diversity that it has valued since its founding. It is by valuing its unique characteristics as a company that Sinwa Kinzoku aims to achieve further development.


A workplace for all kinds of people

The corporate philosophy and the SDGs

Since the government began to promote work style reforms, we have had more and more opportunities to think about how people should work, but as students, we were not able to fully appreciate it ourselves. However, this interview allowed us to hear the executive’s thoughts. In addition to the respect shown for the founder and the desire to maintain the company’s roots, we could sense the enthusiasm for developing the company further by revamping old practices, such as the personnel evaluation system. We also found out that it is beneficial for both the employees and the company if the company takes the initiative to provide a comfortable working environment and opportunities. Furthermore, we learned that incorporating the SDGs does not mean changing the company’s nature, but rather adhering to its original philosophy. We realized that as long as the company continues, its efforts to meet the SDGs will carry on in line with its development.
This interview made us realize that being aware of the SDGs in a way that is consistent with a company’s philosophy and our daily lives is one solution to how we and corporations should continue to engage with social issues in and after 2030.


Zoom interview

We conducted interviews!

  HARADA Yumeno (3rd year student, Yasuda Women’s University)

  NAKATSU Kurumi (3rd year student, Yasuda Women’s University)

  TAITO Moeka (2nd year student, Yasuda Women’s University)

Sinwa Kinzoku Co., Ltd.

1-8-7 Mokage, Fuchu, Aki District



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