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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Energizing Hiroshima through Community-Based Broadcasting (RCC BROADCASTING CO.,LTD.)



Energizing Hiroshima through community-based broadcasting

Founded in 1952, RCC Broadcasting Co., Ltd. is the only commercial radio and television station in Hiroshima Prefecture. It is conducting a range of initiatives to energize Hiroshima through community-based broadcasting.
The RCC announced its promotion of the SDGs in November 2020. Prior to that, in 2004, RCC launched the Ecology Fund (later known as the RCC Love Green Award), an initiative to subsidize environmental organizations in the prefecture by using funds saved by employees’ efforts to economize, such as by saving water and electricity, and in 2015, it launched the Bombed Streetcar Special Operation Project.


Observing the live broadcast of the information program “Imanama!”

Bombed streetcars continue to run to communicate Hiroshima’s history

The Bombed Streetcar Special Operation Project was launched in 2015, the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing, with the aim of communicating the history of Hiroshima by putting streetcars that survived the bombing into operation. This year, marking the seventh year of the project, a total of 2,700 people participated.

The concept behind the project is “to keep running is to keep communicating.”
Last year, even though it was not possible to enjoy a ride the streetcars due to the coronavirus pandemic, there was a desire to continue the project. As such, a new approach was taken last year; in addition to the bombed streetcar No. 653 running through Hiroshima City as in previous years, a live broadcast of the scenery from the train window was made to convey the message of peace.

Twelve photographers from the general public who had applied to participate in the event joined in to shoot the video for the live broadcast. Through this project, RCC wanted to have the participants feel the history of Hiroshima.

Just as the streetcar resumed service three days after the atomic bombing and became a symbol of reconstruction, the project will continue its activities to give Hiroshima courage even in the coronavirus pandemic.


The bombed streetcar No. 653 running in front of the Atomic Bomb Dome

Using the power of communication to promote the SDGs together

Drawing on the communications capabilities of a broadcaster, RCC broadcasts and publicizes the initiatives of prefectural residents, organizations, and companies, working together to promote the SDGs.
The company says that, as with the Bombed Streetcar Special Operation Project, it will continue to conduct projects that allow all sorts of people to feel a connection with each other.
We believe that this is in line with the philosophy of the SDGs and is also linked to building the Hiroshima of the future.
Producing this report made us realize that both RCC’s long-running initiatives and current projects are connected to the SDGs and that it has been contributing to a sustainable society even before the announcement in November 2020.
In addition, in order for everyone to work together to promote the SDGs, RCC is making efforts to broadcast from the viewers’ perspective and let as many people as possible know about the company.
Given that Hiroshima Prefecture has the highest number of landslide hazard areas in the country, RCC has increased the number of meteorologists, established a weather center that specializes in providing weather information, and is trying to provide practical information that is accessible to everyone rather than using technical terms.
Furthermore, as young people are becoming less and less interested in television, the station is also working to transmit information via the internet. By using its website and the IRAW smartphone application, RCC is trying to make the company better known online. Through this interview, we realized that dispatching information from the viewers’ perspective is the reason why the station has been beloved in Hiroshima for so long.


Reporting Hiroshima’s weather with care and in detail
The weather segments provide information from the viewers’ perspective

We conducted interviews!

  KONDO Reina (4th year student, Hiroshima Institute of Technology)

  TAMARU Chikako (3rd year student, Yasuda Women’s University)

  OGI Nozomi (1st year student, Yasuda Women’s University)


21-3 Motomachi, NakaーKu, Hiroshima

+81-082-222-1155(From Monday to Friday 10:00~17:00)


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