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Hiroshima for Global Peace


Doing what we can to make Hiroshima a more attractive city 10 years from now


To contribute to the creation of a peaceful and safe city


Initiative details

[RCC Love Green Award]
This is an award program that has been held every year since 2004 to support those who continue to work diligently to protect nature and the environment in Hiroshima. So far, we have given grants on 16 occasions to a total of 188 organizations and featured their efforts on TV and radio.
Last year, the award was given to two organizations: a group that uses an abandoned school in Miyoshi City to provide a space for experiencing nature and a group that promotes environmental protection of the Sandankyo Gorge and Ota River.


Recognizing organizations for their environmental activities

[Bombed Streetcar Special Operation Project]
This is a joint project with the Hiroshima Electric Railway to coincide with A-bomb Day, aimed at communicating peace through channels other than broadcasting. The No. 653 streetcar, which was hit by the atomic bombing, has been restored to its original colors, and footage of Hiroshima immediately after the bombing is screened inside. Over the past five years, approximately 2,700 people from Japan and abroad have taken a ride.
Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic meant that we could not offer rides on the streetcar, so instead we broadcast the view from the window of the running train. When the train passes through the center of Hiroshima City, a photo of the time when the whole area was in ruins is shown on the screen, so that viewers can experience the present and the past in sync. This project was started on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing and was carried out again this year.


Bombed Streetcar Special Operation Project

[In-house Forecasting and Partnership with Yahoo!]
In January of this year, we launched a new section called the Weather Center, made up of four certified weather forecasters, including a news reporter. RCC is authorized by the Japan Meteorological Agency to issue its own weather forecasts and continues to provide detailed information that contributes to disaster prevention and mitigation.
In May of this year, we became the first broadcaster in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions to partner with the Yahoo! Disaster Alert app. We will also use real-time reports submitted by the public to provide faster and more useful information for disaster preparedness and evacuation.


Four weather forecasters from the Weather Center

Key Points

We have established an organization called the SDGs Love Green Promotion Office, consisting of eight employees from different sections such as radio, television, business, digital, and public relations. Having a cross-section of the entire company involved allows all sorts of ideas to be developed and makes it easy to put them into practice.
Even if there is no specific topic, the office’s members meet together on a regular basis. After someone asked if there was something close to home we could do to contribute to the SDGs, the straws used in the company’s café were changed from plastic to paper. We feel that it is important to be able to freely express opinions without pressure and to work as one on both big and small issues.



21-3 Motomachi, NakaーKu, Hiroshima


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