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Hiroshima for Global Peace


The Governor of Hiroshima Prefecture: YUZAKI Hidehiko

Hiroshima, a city once devastated by the first atomic bombing in human history with the loss of many lives, has recovered from the ruins through the efforts of many people, and rebuilt itself as a City of Peace. Believing that it is Hiroshima’s mission to contribute to the establishment of global peace, we have formulated the “Hiroshima for Global Peace” Plan. Hiroshima was also selected as an “SDG Future City” in 2018 to work toward the realization of global peace through the SDGs.
As part of this initiative, with the aim of helping university students better understand SDG-related businesses for the development of human resources, we have compiled in this booklet know-how and advanced practices of businesses related to the SDGs in Hiroshima Prefecture, and have published two issues so far for both inside and outside Japan.
This fiscal year, many problems have emerged in association with the COVID-19 global pandemic. Measures against COVID-19 are said to be effective if they are implemented in line with the initiatives to achieve the SDGs. This special issue of the booklet shows how our local companies are tackling the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seriously affected the economy of our prefecture. In the production of this booklet, we asked students of local universities for their participation after implementing sufficient anti-coronavirus measures.
Through initiatives like this, taking advantage of the symbolic role Hiroshima can play, we will work to raise the awareness of various stakeholders both inside and outside Hiroshima Prefecture, as well as in Japan and overseas, contribute to the stabilization and development of the world economy, and thereby aim to achieve the SDGs, while hoping to realize the further growth of Hiroshima Prefecture.
Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the companies, organizations and students for their participation in this project, as well as the Environmental Partnership Office Chugoku of the Ministry of the Environment, the Chugoku ESD Activities Support Center, and all other parties for their efforts and support.

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