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Hiroshima for Global Peace

The “with Corona” society Think about the future of Hiroshima

The students who participated in the project and completed their interviews with companies and groups playing active roles in Hiroshima are now preparing their reports for publication. They gathered again and held a workshop to review what they had learned through the interviews and to further deepen their understanding of “SDG x COVID-19,” the theme of this year.
How did they see the companies/groups tackling the unknown virus COVID-19 and envisioning a “with-Corona” society? What image of “our” communities in the future did the university students in Hiroshima have? Here are their ideas for the future!

• Allow more diverse work styles!
• In the “with-Corona” society, companies will be required to be more flexible and responsive!
• Flexibility is necessary to balance work with COVID-19 and change targets according to the situation.
• Whether you can think about what you cannot do in normal time but you can do now makes the difference!
• Companies in the “with-Corona” era should be able to take actions in view of consumer needs (= social trends).
• Disseminate more information! →There are many students who think of working in Hiroshima! Disseminate more information to allow them to know more about Hiroshima, which will enhance their love for the city. →I think few people know about the companies committed to achieving the SDGs in Hiroshima. I want more people to know about them!

The SDGs consist of 17 goals. Among them, Hiroshima’s role is to call for peace.
• “Peace learning” that only Hiroshima can offer
• In the new form of peace learning, taking action after learning is important! The task of Hiroshima is to develop human resources capable of spontaneously communicating messages.
• Hiroshima’s call for peace must be communicated to the outside world!

Companies should support “ties”
• Ties increased due to COVID-19. We must maintain and expand these ties.
• Companies or working adults and university students. We want to be more connected! We want to know more and want to be known more!
• We must deepen ties in local communities.
• It is necessary to develop our local communities so that residents can help each other in the case of emergencies, such as a natural disaster or an infectious disease pandemic, by enhancing ties in our daily lives.

• The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the form of learning. Online education can be provided to more people in more distant places.
• We can communicate messages to people not only in Hiroshima Prefecture and Japan but also around the world!

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