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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Making Ties of Peace with Origami Crane Towels (Yamamoto Co., Ltd.)


Making ties of peace with origami crane towels

Yamamoto Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells textile products, mainly towels and bedding. In this interview, we mainly asked about the “Origami Crane Rayon Project.”
Through making and selling towel products, Yamamoto built a relationship with a pulp mill and a spinning company engaged in recycling origami cranes, and in 2016, it began developing towel products using origami crane rayon yarn. A portion of the proceeds is used for the A-Bomb Dome Preservation Project Fund and for expenses for international peace exchanges. To this day, the company continues to support the World Heritage sites that have been carefully preserved in Hiroshima as a form of community service, contributing to world peace and development.
In this way, the Origami Crane Rayon Project being undertaken by Yamamoto is contributing to peace and delivering recycled origami crane products to many people.


The Origami Crane Rayon Project

Communicating and delivering to more people

As it happens, it is not widely known that towel products are manufactured here in Hiroshima from recycled fibers of origami cranes. As one of the goals of the SDGs is to “bring peace and justice to all,” we believe it is important to communicate this fact, first to the people living in Hiroshima and then more widely.
Furthermore, in order to achieve a peaceful society, we need not only the power of one person, but the power of many others. I realized that just as the origami crane towel was born, the SDGs initiatives were born from the cooperation of companies with their own expertise and techniques. I think this is exactly in line with the SDG for “achieving the goals through partnerships.”


Origami cranes in storage

Taking the feelings embodied in the origami cranes to a new form

Yamamoto deals in towel products, and I got the impression that the atmosphere inside the company was gentle, too. In the course of our interview, I got a clear sense of the great importance the company places on its relationships with other companies and customers.
Origami cranes presented by people all over the world are reborn as origami crane towels containing wishes for peace. In their new form, they will be handed over to a new owner alongside those wishes. I felt that this is how bonds of peace can be formed between people.
I hope that the origami crane towel products, which embody wishes for peace and the importance of achieving peace, along with the historical background of Hiroshima, will become more widely known in the future.


Towel handkerchiefs made of recycled origami crane fibers

We conducted interviews!

 TAITO Moeka (2nd year student, Yasuda Women’s University)

 HARADA Yumeno (3rd year student, Yasuda Women’s University)

 NAKATSU Kurumi (3rd year student, Yasuda Women’s University)

Yamamoto Co., Ltd.

6-2-17 Nishi-Ku, Shoko Center-Ku, Hiroshima



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