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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Communicating Peace Indirectly (Yuki Tourism Community Development Corporation NPO)


Making Yuki Town a sustainable town

For a long time, Yuki Town has been faced with the challenge of how to make its natural surroundings and its residents’ living environment sustainable. In this context, Mr. Sato, the company representative, discovered the concept of SDGs in 2017. In order to help resolve the issues facing the town, he decided to create various tours based on the concept of SDGs, thereby generating revenue and creating employment. Mr. Sato said, “I hope that through these SDGs initiatives Yuki Town will become a more attractive town and that people will enjoy living in the town and feel proud of it.” His remarks was very inspiring. I would also like to encourage those who want to promote the SDGs to make use of the fields in Yuki Town where the SDGs are being implemented.


Mr. Sato, the company representative

Communicating peace indirectly

Most tourists visiting Hiroshima go to the Atomic Bomb Dome and the Peace Memorial Museum to learn about the past and learn about peace without war. However, the Yuki Tourism Community Development Corporation believes that its role is not to talk about peace itself, but to convey it indirectly. There is also peace that can be learned by letting people experience in Yuki Town the old, peaceful lifestyle (traditional Japanese houses, meals made using the natural blessings harvested in the town) and the traditional way of living with nature and helping each other. I was fascinated by the idea of learning about peace “directly and indirectly,” something only possible in Hiroshima.


People from overseas enjoying the tour

The option of adventure tourism

Adventure tourism is a form of travel in which participants aim not only to engage in exciting activities but also to achieve their own personal transformation and growth. At the same time, these travelers choose destinations from the perspective of whether or not the money they pay will contribute to the sustainability of the community. Mr. Sato came to know about adventure tourism in 2019 and wanted to take that as a basis for making Yuki Town a sustainable town. I am excited to hear that they are working with not only Yuki Town but also Hiroshima City, Etajima City, and Hatsukaichi City to create a full-fledged adventure tour that will focus even more on topics like peace and water.


People enjoying adventure tourism

We conducted interviews!

 YOSHIKAWA Mei(3rd year student, Yasuda Women’s University)

 MAKABE Koyuki(1st year student, Hiroshima University)

Yuki Tourism Community Development Corporation NPO

2545 Yukicho Tada Saeki-Ku, Hiroshima



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