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Hiroshima for Global Peace

CoreBridge Corporation

Protecting the lives and mental health of all people of all ages and training personnel to do so


To promote earthquake-resistant shelters and O2 shelters to protect people’s lives and wellbeing.

The goal is to reduce CO2 emissions through the use of our thermal barrier coating GAINA.


Initiative details

Under the principle of protecting the lives of the elderly, disabled, and other people who have difficulty evacuating in the event of an emergency, CoreBridge Corporation is engaged in the sales and promotion of earthquake-resistant shelters and O2 shelters as part of its disaster management business. O2 shelters can be used as hyperbaric oxygen rooms under normal circumstances and as an earthquake-proof shelter in case of emergency. In addition, we also offer a product called “Core Safety,” which turns existing rooms into shelters. We hope to popularize this product by sharing our construction knowledge and skills with our stakeholders, the carpenters.
With so many disasters occurring around the world, we contribute to SDG 3 “Good Health and Well-being” by using these products to provide more options for saving lives that would otherwise be lost.


Earthquake resistant shelter

We also provide exterior painting services. We are now stepping up our sales of the thermal barrier coating GAINA, a ceramic paint applied to roofs and exterior walls that offers excellent heat shielding and insulation performance. This dramatically increases the effectiveness of air conditioning in summer and heating in winter, reducing CO2 emissions from the use of air conditioners and helping to achieve SDG 13 “Climate Action.”


GAINA paint provides a variety of benefits

Key Points

We believe that it is important to generate interest among local people in disaster prevention and self-reliance by adding disaster prevention measures (knowledge and preparedness) to general construction. As such, we contribute to raising community awareness of disaster prevention by conducting business that is closely tied to the local area.
In addition, in order to build a framework for tackling the SDGs across the company as a whole, we are working to develop human resources by conducting further sales training and SDGs study sessions.
We also make regular announcements on our Facebook page regarding disaster prevention awareness.
As such, we will continue to make company-wide efforts aimed at realizing the SDGs.


CoreBridge Corporation

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