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Hiroshima for Global Peace

COCCO Co., Ltd.



Creating New Value with the Slogan of Limitless Use of Limited Resources


Supersol is used for diverse uses.

COCCO Co., Ltd. is contributing to environmental protection and revitalization of local communities as a company engaged in a comprehensive range of recycling businesses. The company collects, processes, and resells iron scrap and waste paper; collects, transports, and properly disposed of industrial waste; processes and sells steel and building materials; and sells and installs exterior products. The company also performs recycling operations on the premises of major large companies.
The company not only reuses resources as raw materials but also transforms them into completely different and new recycled products. COCCO manufactures “Supersol,” lightweight glass foam materials recycled from colored glass bottles, most of which otherwise would be landfilled. Supersol is widely used in our daily lives as a material for civil engineering, as an adsorbent for water purification, as security gravel (when a stranger steps on the paved glass gravel made from Supersol, glasses rubbing each other make a distinctive sound), for rooftop greening, taking advantage of its lightness, and for many other uses.

SDG-oriented features

The company name “COCCO” is created from the first letters of COmfortable, Cycle, and COmmunity. This represents the company’s philosophy to grow together with the community by creating a comfortable environment for people by cycling resources sustainably. The company’s business activities show their commitment to striving to support the region, reducing the environmental burden by recycling resources, and giving them a re-birth as products that give comfort and safety in our life.

COCCO Co., Ltd.
1-9-30 Hirotagaya, Kure City

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