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You Can Use Your Cardboard Boxes Many More Times!


Arranging products in a reused cardboard box

Yamawa Co., Ltd. is engaged in the manufacturing and sales of women’s clothes. The company uses many cardboard boxes as packing materials when shipping products. In general, when a company uses cardboard boxes for business, it folds and stores them after retrieving the products, and then disposes of them when they are piled up. However, Yamawa promotes proactive reuse of cardboard boxes, using them as organizers at its office or for delivery. It was originally an effort for cost reduction, but it found significance in this initiative from another perspective and has continued it since. By this, it has contributed to the protection of forest resources, economical use of paper resources, and reduction of CO2 emission related to the transportation of cardboard boxes as waste. In addition to conducting this initiative itself, the company also seeks the understanding and cooperation of its business partners and promotes reuse of cardboard boxes in its business field, where initiatives of this kind are not common.

SDG-oriented features

This initiative requires time and effort in securing places to store vacant boxes, assembling the boxes, and rearranging the products from one box to another. Some of its business partners find it somewhat uncomfortable to use reused boxes. To respond to this, the company is trying to raise awareness of its employees by sharing information about the amount of new cardboard boxes used and to promote understanding of its business partners about the significance of preventing wasteful use of resources. Since this initiative by a long-established apparel manufacturer with a history of 70 years is based on its sense of mission to blaze a trail, it would be wonderful if this initiative could change the common sense in its business field and take root as a new framework.

Yamawa Co., Ltd.
121 Tode, Shin’ichi-cho, Fukuyama City

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