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Keishukai Inohara Dental & Rehabilitation Clinic

Multi-Disciplinary Team Supports “Diet” at Dental Clinic

Registered dietitian holds a healthy cooking class in the clinic kitchen.

Inohara Dental and Rehabilitation Clinic is a dental clinic that also provides medical and nursing care services. The clinic, of course, provides general dental treatment, such as cavity treatment and periodontal disease treatment. In addition, as a clinic that supports the “eating” habits of people, it also holds nutrition classes for community people to prevent malnutrition and lifestyle-related diseases. The clinic also actively provides rehabilitation services for people having swallowing difficulty caused by a stroke or other reasons. For example, the clinic has a kitchen and provides a cooking class by a registered dietitian every month. The purpose of the cooking class is to help people in the community enjoy safe and tasty food.

They are also working to create a workplace where staff members can work flexibly because many of them are single parents. The clinic has conducted a project to put smiles on the faces of children in need of medical care through street performance and help them take part in society, in collaboration with “Egao no Machizukuri Sutekki,” an NPO established and operated mainly by staff members of the clinic.


SDG-oriented features

Inohara Dental & Rehabilitation Clinic is engaged in activities that promote the general health of people by supporting their dietary habits, in addition to general dental treatment. Specifically, it focuses on solving the issue of increasing “hidden starvation” of aged people. It conducts the “Machi Cafe” program with people in the community to hold health care classes, nutrition guidance, cooking classes for high protein recipes or recipes for people with swallowing difficulty, proposals for eating habits, and other dietary activities.

Keishukai Inohara Dental & Rehabilitation Clinic
5-28-15 Tajime-cho, Fukuyama City

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