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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Energia Communications, Inc.


Revitalize Agricultural Work and Environment with AI/IoT-based Next-Generation Agriculture ―Sustainable Safe Food Culture―

Mr. Matsuoka manages the lemon farm.

With the goal of utilizing AI/IoT technologies to solve issues in agriculture and communities, Enecom is conducting demonstrative experiments on lemon cultivation, a specialty product of Hiroshima Prefecture, on Osaki Shimojima Island on the Tobishima Kaido.
This project is a collaboration between industry, academia, and government to collect and analyze data, stabilize the farming yield by mechanization, and pass on techniques to the next generation. Its goals are to build sustainable agricultural practices to improve the food self-sufficiency rate and solve agricultural and local problems, such as the promotion of the reuse of abandoned cropland. It is working on various issues, such as analyzing cultivation data from sensors installed around the lemon trees to find an optimal cultivation method, utilizing drone robots on sloped fields to assist farmers in severe working environments, and use of satellite communication to secure communication in the event of a disaster. In the future, it will further accumulate and analyze data on the current demonstrative experiments on lemon cultivation. It will also conduct demonstrations in fields other than those on Osaki Shimojima and conduct experiments on other agricultural products to solve regional problems and revitalize the farming labor and environment through next-generation agriculture.


SDG-oriented features

Utilizing AI/IoT technology that Enecom specializes in, the project works to digitize the cultivation of lemons, one of Hiroshima’s specialty products, as a way of sustainable agriculture. This will not only solve agriculture, food self-sufficiency and food loss problems but also lead to activities to address regional issues, such as fewer farmers due to the population decline.

Energia Communications, Inc.
19F NHK Hiroshima Broadcast Center Building, 2-11-10 Otemachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City

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