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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Participating companies’ comments

In Hiroshima in the Setouchi region, I find various SDG-inspired boosters for innovation everywhere.
As a Japanese, I am proud of people who are taking on challenges to utilize opportunities for innovative businesses or to create more enriched regional communities, without displaying nice-sounding phrases.
(Mr. Kaido Takata, Vice President, Toraya-Honpo Co., Ltd.)







This is a wonderful program that connects Hiroshima-based companies and university students who will lead future regional society with the SDGs, and it widely introduces local companies’ initiatives through interviews by the students. By sharing current issues among us and the students (supporters of society today and in the future) and spreading information together, I hope that many companies and individuals in Hiroshima will be inspired to learn about the SDGs and work toward their achievement, thereby establishing a sustainable regional society.
(Mr. Hiroshi Kamada, Director, Public Relations and Regional Contribution Office, Management Planning Division, The Hiroshima Bank, Ltd.)

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