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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Tamema Co., Ltd.

Gently and warmly, supporting community-building by residents with the web app

Now that the area of our activities is limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic, “Tamemap” is a convenient media accessible from anywhere, providing necessary local information. Eliminate the digital divide and connect those who want to deliver information with those who are looking for information.

Be more familiar with local communities

Interviewer:Please explain the system of Tamemap.

Ms. YOKOYAMA:“Tamemap” is an information sharing service for local events, for which we, Tamema Co., Ltd. have acquired a patent. Bulletin boards and flyers are sources of local information and have become part of our daily lives. By providing necessary information through these media in digital formats, we can eliminate the digital divide and enable people who are looking for information to be easily connected to people who want to provide information. Today, some information is delivered via chat tools or other similar tools. Since these tools are for communication among acquaintances, users may feel pressured to communicate information. I heard that this makes some users feel uneasy. So I think it would be better if we could deliver local information in a more relaxed way.

“You are not alone.”

Interviewer :We heard that many local events were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Has your service been affected?

Ms. YOKOYAMA: Because events were not held, we had no information to post on the app. Under such circumstances, some of the organizers of childcare support events posted messages on Tamemap to encourage young mothers, telling them they were not alone, as well as recipes for easy-to-make meals. I am sure they were really encouraging for young mothers struggling with child care. Some municipal governments introduced local farmers and restaurants as important elements for local communities. “We are making Japanese plum juice and looking forward to seeing you.” The message is so warm, isn’t it?

Customizable for safety of communities

Interviewer: Are there any other examples of unique usages of Tamemap? Please also tell us the vision of the future society you aim at.

Ms. YOKOYAMA: Tamemap can be customized to the needs of each community, which is an attraction of the app. For example, it is used as a hazard map in some communities, showing the hidden dangers on people’s daily walking or shopping routes (Tamemap Yokogawa model). I hope the map can help create safe and warmhearted communities where people have easy access to the information they need.

Tamema Co., Ltd.

3-1-5 Honkawa-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima


Interview with

Chushikoku Operation Support:YOKOYAMA Yukari

We conducted interviews!

SAYAMA Riko (Yasuda Women’s University):It was a valuable experience!

OKINO Kana (Yasuda Women’s University):I became a fan of Tamemap!

MURASHIGE Haruka (Yasuda Women’s University):I rediscovered the attractions of Hiroshima!

Comment from editor

Tamemap is a service using advanced technologies, but it contains many images of handwritten flyers and photos of daily activities around the city, which make us feel a sense of nostalgia and relief. Under the slogan “Give everyone access to local information,” they aimed to eliminate gaps in access to information among age groups. Amid this time of the COVID-19 pandemic when our outing is restricted, Tamemap serves as a forum for local exchanges. SNSs are good to connect to the world. But it may be really valuable to establish ties among local communities.

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