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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Okazaki Junya Certified Public Tax Accountant Office

“Making Hiroshima the SDGs Prefecture!” Establishment of a website to showcase companies working on the SDGs


17.17 Encourage and promote effective public, public-private and civil society partnerships, building on the experience and resourcing strategies of partnerships


Initiative details

We at Okazaki Junya Certified Public Tax Accountant Office have launched and are operating a platform-style website that brings together companies working on the SDGs and the details of their initiatives.



We have a SDGs social event and a segment on FM radio, where we showcase the companies and their initiatives listed on the site, helping to publicize their activities.
In addition, we thought that, rather than just posting and publicizing the initiatives, actually spreading the initiatives and the products and services that incorporate them would lead to greater adoption and attainment of the SDGs. As such, we wondered if it would be possible to create a system that would allow us to work together to handle these initiatives.
In order to achieve this goal, we ourselves want to serve as a role model. This includes acting as sales partner for 100% environmentally-friendly renewable energy to encourage companies to use clean energy while cutting their operating costs or becoming a distributor for decaffeinated coffee to promote health and welfare. By working with each of the companies listed on the website in this way, we are building a system that will actually become a part of society, rather than just ending up on a desk somewhere.
We also believe that by having companies that are working on the SDGs interact with each other, such as by asking a law firm listed on the site for legal advice or a construction company listed on the site for building advice, the constituent elements of society will come to take the SDGs into account. Of course, as well as the electricity and coffee mentioned previously, we have also commissioned all of our legal consultations and interior construction work to the companies listed on this site. We believe that this in itself represents an effort, albeit an indirect one, to achieve the SDGs.
Currently, more than 70 companies are listed on this platform, and that number continues to grow.


Key Points

・As tax accountants, we are able to speak directly to a variety of business owners.
・We explain and promote the SDGs at seminars and other events where we participate as experts.
・In order to further publicize the information provided on the website, we will introduce newly registered companies at the SDG information exchange meetings held in Hiroshima, as well as encouraging new participants in the meetings to register.
・In August, we launched a new segment on FM Hatsukaichi introducing actual case studies of the companies listed on the website in the form of conversations with the managers of those companies.


Our representative

Okazaki Junya Certified Public Tax Accountant Office

15-14 Furueshinmachi Nishi-Ku, Hiroshima



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