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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Justice Labor and Social Security Attorney (Students’ report on the SDGs)


Aiming for a sustainable society through various activities together with the surrounding community

Justice Labor and Social Security Attorney was certified as a company that practices work style reforms in Hiroshima Prefecture in 2018. In addition to supporting the introduction into companies of a personnel evaluation system based on abilities and skills, it also helps companies review their work rules and systems, reduce long working hours, and promote the taking of annual paid leave by providing harassment training, team building training and management training, and introducing telework and flextime systems, with the aim of creating a comfortable working environment for everyone.
In the personnel evaluation system, only facts are evaluated from the perspectives of results in terms of achieving targets, the work attitude exhibited by employees during the evaluation period, and the work process leading up to the result. This approach ensures a personnel evaluation system with high legitimacy that is not influenced by any bias.
As part of its partnership efforts, the company regularly holds SDGs seminars to support companies that use these seminars as opportunities to start working on the SDGs. In addition, it shares initiatives on the SDGs within the company and also disseminates this information externally.


Atmosphere during the interview

What is important in addressing the SDGs

The company places importance on treating issues as their own, not as someone else’s, and engaging in activities with consciousness of involving employees and those surrounding them in the process. It mainly collaborates with SMEs through seminars and other events. Among them, one of the important points is to listen to the opinions of young people, who will create the future.
We believe that creating a comfortable working environment for employees by supporting the introduction of a personnel evaluation system and reskilling training will lead to job satisfaction for employees, which in turn will result in economic growth. By applying supports, proposals and assistance for the introduction of a personnel evaluation system tailored to each company, a virtuous cycle is created that allows many companies to work on SDGs activities.


Newly opened Instagram account for communicating about the SDGs

New recognition of the SDGs and our challenges

What kind of impression do you have of the SDGs?
In fact, SDGs activities are not only philanthropic, but also greatly related to companies’ business. Many companies are often caught up in the language of the goals to be achieved and assume that what they are doing is unrelated to the SDGs and that they are not contributing to them. However, if they make their perspectives and way of thinking more flexible, they do not have to start new efforts and there is less burden on them. We believe that our challenge is to spread this perspective in working on the SDGs.
Finally, there are actions we students can also take to raise awareness of the SDGs. For example, we can disseminate efforts on the SDGs through SNS, which has become a part of our daily lives. In fact, we have opened an account on Instagram to communicate our activities. We are working to raise the awareness of the younger generation by posting the goals to be achieved and the details of activities toward them.
In this way, we believe that dissemination through SNS is one of the important SDGs activities.


We conducted interviews!

NOGUCHI Asuka (3rd year student, Hiroshima Shudo University)

MIYAMA Asuka (3rd year student, Yasuda Women’s University)

Justice Labor and Social Security Attorney

1-1-10 Yakeyama Chuo, Kure City



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