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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Miyasako Mokuzai KK (Students’ report on the SDGs)


There is no waste in timber! The answer to “earth-friendly”

Miyasako Mokuzai KK saws domestic lumber to contribute to the creation of comfortable housing.
About 100% of the sawdust and waste materials generated at Miyasako Mokuzai KK are reused as composted bark, bedding material for cattle barns, and biomass boiler fuel. Since they are made from timber generated at the time of sawing, they have no paint on them and thus can be safely reused as a resource. Previously, chemicals were used to neutralize water, but now, the water used once is stored in a drain tank and reused, in an effort to reduce the use of chemicals and recycle water. This initiative has enabled a reduction of 2 tons of water per hour, which means monthly savings of as much as 300,000 yen in terms of water bill.


A drain tank being used

Starting SDGs initiatives with peer companies

Currently, the timber industry faces many problems, including an economic downturn, the aging of the workforce, and labor shortages. As the timber industry is a primary industry, it has great impact on a variety of industries. Although environmental measures have been taken in the industry since before the SDGs became widespread, the industry as a whole, rather than just one company, needs to further work on the SDGs in order to solve these various problems.
In addition, the company donates vaccines to developing countries and provides opportunities to learn about the SDGs within the company. These efforts have been carried out based on the belief of the President and Representative Director, “nothing will change if no action is taken.” When we heard about this, we thought that this attitude of working little by little from what can be done is indispensable to achieving the SDGs.


Timber sawed at Miyasako Mokuzai KK

Together with Miyoshi City, Miyasako Mokuzai

Miyoshi City is experiencing a decreasing population due to declining birthrates and the aging population, as well as an increase in the number of vacant houses.
Miyasako Mokuzai KK is concerned about the fact that a large amount of imported timber is handled in Japan today, which imposes a heavy burden on the environment at the time of import. Therefore, the company is working to increase the usage rate of domestic timber as a future challenge, including direct negotiations with the mayor of Miyoshi City to have existing buildings rebuilt using local timber.
Through this interview, we thought that it would be good to promote the renovation of vacant houses using domestic timber to set up facilities, such as cafes for young people, and provide places for group dining services for the elderly. By doing so, it could be possible not only to revitalize the community, but also to improve the quality of life of the local residents.


Miyasako Mokuzai’s new office made using cypress from Hiroshima Prefecture. It was filled with the rich fragrance of cypress.

We conducted interviews!

HASEGAWA Mako (3rd year student, Yasuda Women’s University)

KOJIMA Uika (3rd year student, Yasuda Women’s University)

Miyasako Mokuzai KK

84-2 Shimofuno, Funo-cho, Miyoshi City



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