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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Action Plans by the Participants of the 5th Hiroshima Junior International Forum

1.Disseminate what we learned in the forum to our relatives and friends at school or by using SNS.

  • When I have an opportunity, I would like to share what I have learned from the forum to people whom seem to be interesting in peacebuilding
  • I will try to discuss peace with my friends. I believe that the experience of holding small-scale meetings, will help me to do large-scale ones when I get older.
  • I will share what I learned in this forum to my classmates.
  • I will spread my experience here to my friends and my family members.
  • I will try as much as possible to promote to people and especially young leaders about nuclear abolition, peace, and war through SNS and also at school or whenever I meet anyone.
  • Make a presentation regarding nuclear weapons disarmament issues/problems and the possible solutions in school.
  • I plan to post our declaration on the internet so that teens in China could also have the access to read the Hiroshima declaration. If possible, I would also like to organize online campaigns to spread the message of belief and a call on decreasing irrational ethnic hatred. I will also suggest teens to donate for those suffering from poverty and hard living conditions due to COVID-19.
  • I will use the knowledge which I have learned from this project to share with young generations such as my classmates or friends or students in my school.
  • Disseminate information on the abolition of nuclear weapons and peace on SNS
  • Becoming a factor of change, acting properly, speaking up and implementing all the actions above and when the lockdown is completely over, it will also be useful to go to different schools and talk about this matter.
  • I will make an article or information sheet regarding the Hiroshima Forum which I will use to promote the forum to my surroundings.
  • I also can share people’s experiences in different languages. We found out today that not everybody had heard a personal testimony before coming to Japan.
  • Share the Peace Statement we created to my classmates in hopes of spreading awareness.
  • Create an event at my school in which people can learn and share their thoughts.
  • I belong to the volunteer club activity and I am the president of the club. So, I will talk about my experience of Hiroshima Junior International Forum to my club’s members in club activities. Also I will discuss the things that what can we do to abolish the nuclear weapons and to build world peace, and the club’s members and I will take the action about them.

2.Promote peace through social media

  • Start a small social media campaign to get people to practice gender equality.
  • I will be using my social media to stress global issues that are strictly related to nuclear abolishment and peacebuilding.
  • Promoting global connectivity through social media as well as raising awareness by posting testimonies of survivors of the bomb or armed conflicts, that way people will acknowledge how relevant peace building and the abolition of nuclear weapons are.
  • Using social media as a space to freely share our ideas on relevant topics and to connect with youth overseas.
  • I will use my advantage of having social media to promote peace and spreading insights about nuclear disarmament.
  • I can take the lead in raising awareness about nuclear weapons and the importance of peacebuilding by using social networking.
  • Create a website in which people can learn about what is happening.
  • Create a social media account to post about what I am doing right now so more people can reach the websites and events said above.
  • Make some videos about the history of atomic bomb survivors in English and post it on SNS or YouTube to spread “Nuclear Taboo” to the world.
  • Spread the information of events or forums that are related to peacebuilding by using SNS

3.Collecting signatures for abolition of nuclear weapons

  • I’m going to collect signatures for the abolition of nuclear weapons. I believe that it is important to change our hope for peace into a visible form. At the same time, I can make people remember how foolish war is through collecting signatures.
  • I want to make my opinion for politics and participate in it by joining signature. Although I am not at election age, it is important to be interested in political issues.
  • Collecting signatures to abolish nuclear weapons in my school and area.
  • I want to collect signatures on the abolition of nuclear weapons. And I would like to submit those signatures to the Government of Japan.

4.Educate ourselves more about nuclear abolition and peace building (as well as gender inequality)

  • We ourselves have to learn about the abolition of nuclear weapons and peacebuilding, too. For this challenge, I’m going to visit the peace memorial museum and study peace with textbooks and learning videos.
  • I want to improve my opinions on the abolition of nuclear weapons and peacebuilding. To do so, I have to stay updated information about the happenings around the world.
  • I will try to make people educate themselves more about gender inequality, since it is also one of the big issues that need to be solved in order to have a peaceful world.
  • I will try to get to know more about Hiroshima`s history and also nuclear weapons.
  • I don’t have the ability to directly suggest to the government to abolish the nuclear weapons we own now, but I will try to study further in the field of international relationships and make efforts to come up with a way to achieve an international balance without nuclear weapons, working together with my classmates. I would like to call for more attention on liberal arts education in my country.
  • I will self-educate to increase my knowledge about nuclear power in order to know the best way to encourage abolishing nuclear weapons. By having the knowledge, I will share the knowledge to people around me, especially the youth who are the same age by speaking up step by step.
  • I would like to be interested in news about nuclear weapons and it’s dangerous.
  • Gather information on world affairs on a daily basis.
  • Educate ourselves (and encourage others to do so) about injustice, inequality and matters of relevance in the world we are living in, that way we will be able to come up with reasonable actions to gradually compensate for this issue.
  • I need to educate myself and my social circles, as us young people don’t have the power to speak out to the world, but I have the power to speak to the people our same age.

5.Learn more about different cultures and religions as well as developing countries

  • I am determined to learn about many religions around the world. Knowing difference of religion is connected to diversity.
  • I will study other countries’ cultures and train to be open-minded to adapt to different cultures.
  • I want to go to a developing country to learn what developing countries’ people want and need.
  • Learn about foreign cultures.
  • I must study different cultures and educate ourselves into a respectful way of interacting so we can overcome conflicts through words, avoiding physical violence.

6.Try hard to learn English and other languages.

  • I will improve my English skills. I want to discuss with many people in English.
  • Improve my English and increase my knowledge about nuclear weapons. At last, I want to become a person who can tell the horror of nuclear weapons and the importance of peace to foreign people who visit Hiroshima.
  • I will study English harder than now in order to tell many people the importance of build the peace world and to discuss and speak in English with overseas students.
  • I will learn not only English but also various languages. EX) Spanish, Chinese or German etc…

7.Take action to encourage open-mindedness at your school through student’s club and event activities.

  • I will also be encouraging schools to allow more open-mindedness by participating and organizing clubs and events in the school community.

8.I will be increasing my knowledge and skills on the topic by acknowledging unbiased media and sources while researching to avoid extreme ideas and controversies that might threaten peace building locally.

9.Writing a suggestion to the national government or other organizations to promote the campaign to prevent nuclear weapons and raise awareness of people on nuclear usages

10.Suggesting that the Ministry of Education establish an educational program for making youths know about the global nuclear usages and the history of World War I&II

11.Participate in workshops or events relate to peace and SDGs

  • Toward peace building, I will participate in programs and activities held by NGOs aiming for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals(UN SDGs). I participated in overseas volunteer training for the SDGs before, so I will try to take the advantage of what I learned and act.
  • Joining online workshops about peace.
  • Actively participate in activities and programs in which young people can discuss about problems of the world.

12.Keep an open mind to those around us

  • I will cherish and respect my family, friends, and relatives every day. It is important to try to begin action from familiar things.
  • Around me, it is a situation where stress tends to accumulate due to the influence of covid-19, but I will usually have kindness to others.
  • Beginning with ourselves by changing the habit of guiding our judgment on other individuals by the stereotypes that society has imposed as normal, also making noticeable by social media that we are capable of getting along nicely with everyone despite their nationality, basically eradicating such stereotypes from our minds.
  • I must be open minded and understand our differences as well as that we must cooperate to solve the problems we face.

13.Make a collection of hibakusha’s testimonies (in English too).

  • Making hibakushas’ testimony collection based on that.

  • Translating hibakushas’ story into English and sharing them with many people.

14.Examine SDGs in detail and tackle them.

15.Guide foreign tourists in the Peace Memorial Museum

  • I want to go to the Peace Museum and guide foreigners
  • Guide as a volunteer at the Peace Memorial Park in order to let foreign tourists as well as tourists from other prefectures know the misery and inhumanity of nuclear weapons. (Actually, I plan to give an English guide to the foreign national soccer team at Peace Memorial Park next August. )

16.Construct a sign for my school’s garden with a message of peace imprinted on it.

17.Attend my local farmers market and install promotional peaceful and inspirational messages as signs across the event

18.I want to create a new peace symbol in Hiroshima. As a symbol, I want to make wall art that expresses the wishes of hibakusha.

19.Keep in touch with foreign people/friends

  • I would like to keep in touch with foreign people. I think such connecting will lead peace. Now, I have some foreign friends. I am connected with them by SNS. Then, I want to deepen mutual understanding.
  • Communicate with foreign people and touch many different opinions.

20.We should think about the way we use SNS because these days many problems have happened. By using social media effectively, I will make the voices which want nuclear disarmament and peacebuilding louder.

21.Supporting the use of art (music, performances, poetry, and even storytelling) to raise awareness and touch people´s hearts.

22.I decided to create a video about Hiroshima and its history. This video will help young people realize that the problem does in fact have to do with us, and we cannot be thinking that we are not related to this problem.

23.Put up posters at school etc.

  • Put posters up at my school so that people can know and learn about these problems.

  • I will make some posters about things that I learned from the forum and the importance of the peace building, and I will post them on my school notice boards that every student can look for. By doing so, I will be able to spread my thoughts to many people.

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