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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Leaning from Hiroshima’s Reconstruction Experience: Reborn from the Ashes Vol.1

“’Hiroshima for Global Peace’ Plan Joint Project Executive Committee”, organized by Hiroshima Prefecture and the city of Hiroshima undertook a two-year project, “Hiroshima Reconstruction and Peacebuilding Research Project”, spanning from 2012 to 2013. We released the report as a complication of the results of the project.



Photos are not posted on the website. You can see the photo on the report (PDF)

About this Publication

Hiroshima Reconstruction and Peacebuilding Research Project Authors and Contributing Writers

Prologue What the “Reconstruction of Hiroshima” Means: Introduction

I Why People Are Interested in the Reconstruction of Hiroshima

III Structure of this Report

IV Conclusion

Part 1 War and Destruction

Chapter 1 Modernization of Hiroshima: Introduction

I From Castle Town to a Modern City

II Becoming a Regional Core City

Column: The Genbaku Dome: a Symbol of Hiroshima

Chapter 2 War and Hiroshima, the Devastating Impact of the Atomic Bombing: Introduction

I Hiroshima: the Path to Becoming a Military City

II The Atomic Bombing

Column Genshin Takano’s Letters: Thoughts of the Governor of Hiroshima Around the Time of the Atomic Bombing


Part 2 Reconstruction of the City

Chapter 3 Reconstruction Planning Introduction

I The Government’s War Damage Reconstruction Plans

II Hiroshima Reconstruction Planning

III Summary

Column Outstretched Hands: Reconstruction Support from Overseas

Chapter 4 The Hiroshima Peace Memorial City Construction Law Introduction

I The Process of Establishing the Hiroshima Peace Memorial City Construction Law and Its Content

II The Development of a Peace Memorial City Construction Plan Based on the Hiroshima Peace Memorial City Construction Law

III The Hiroshima Peace Memorial City Construction Plan: Project Implementation and Effects

IV Summary

Column: Mission of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

Chapter 5 Various Problems Surrounding Redevelopment Introduction

I Illegal Structures

II Illegal Construction on the Riverbanks and the Creation of the Riverbank Greenbelts

III Moto-machi District and Housing Construction

IV The Road Towards the Redevelopment of Moto-machi District

Column Moto-machi: Visiting a Drastically-altered Urban Space

Part 3 Hiroshima’s Reconstruction and Citizens’ Lives

Chapter 6 Rebuilding of Industrial Economy Introduction

I World War II to the Early Postwar Period

II Period of High Economic Growth

Column Streetcars Come Back to Life in the Hypocenter

Chapter 7 Realizing Adequate Healthcare and Medical Care, and Support for A-bomb Survivors Introduction

I State of Healthcare and Medical Care between 1945 and 1955

II Trends in Healthcare and Medical Care in Hiroshima after the War

III Trends in Public Medical Institutions

IV Actual Conditions and Development of Medical Care for A-bomb Survivors

Column: The Physicians’ StruggleConfronting Unprecedented Tragedy

Chapter 8 Media and Reconstruction Introduction

I The Chugoku Shimbun before the War and after the Atomic Bombing

II Coverage of the Atomic Bombing

III The People’s Lives: Rebuilding and Changes 1 Restarting from Ruins

Column: Hiroshima Carp: The Citizens’ Baseball Team, and a Guidepost to Reconstruction

Part 4 Searching for a New Identity

Chapter 9 A City in Search of Peace Introduction

I Peace Administration

II Peace Movements

III Peace Education

IV Experiencing the Atomic Bombing and Survivors’ Personal Perspectives on Peace

Column: The Hiroshima Mayor’s Peace Declaration

Epilogue: Learning from Hiroshima’s Reconstruction Experience: A Small Suggestion for an Incomplete Endeavor

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Leaning from Hiroshima’s Reconstruction Experience: Reborn from the Ashes

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