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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Session5 Summary

How we should handle dual-use technologies when the boundary between peacetime and wartime is blurred


After the 2014 Ukraine crisis, the world entered an age of “hybrid warfare.” This state blends all sorts of gradual aggression in the form of political and economic pressure, anti-satellite and cyber attacks, and support for irregular armed forces.

In this age, R&D of private enterprises has become the cornerstone of military technology in the U.S. and China. It is no longer possible to avoid using private-sector technologies, such as AI, drones, space satellites, and large-capacity telecommunications, for military use.

Against this backdrop, how and to what extent should Japanese companies contribute to Japan’s security while staying committed to peaceful, global economic activities? Another topic for discussion is how they should deal with restrictions on technology transfer with and introduction of technologies/products to/from their foreign counterparts, which are out of the necessity for national security.