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Hiroshima for Global Peace

2. France ■Nuclear-Weapon State

Nuclear Disarmament 22 Points Full Points 101 21.8%
Change compared to the Hiroshima Report 2021:+1.7
France has announced its maximum number of nuclear warheads as 300, and has reduced its overall nuclear forces. It has converted fissile material excess for military purpose to civilian purposes, which has been placed under international safeguards. It voted against most of the UNGA Resolutions regarding nuclear disarmament, while voted in favor of the resolution proposed by Japan. It has not signed the TPNW. Meanwhile, France participates in the IPNDV.
Nuclear Non-Proliferation 40 Points Full Points 47 85.1%
Change compared to the Hiroshima Report 2021:0
France acceded to the IAEA Additional Protocol, with the provision for complementary access visits. All of its civilian nuclear material covered by the EURATOM Treaty is subject to its safeguards. France has engaged in nuclear non-proliferation proactively, including contributions to the IAEA safeguards systems, and the establishment and implementation of its export control systems. France submitted a report based on the Guidelines for the Management of Plutonium to the IAEA, including its holding of civil HEU in addition to that of civil plutonium.
Nuclear Security 27 Points Full Points 41 65.9%
Change compared to the Hiroshima Report 2021:0
France has ratified all conventions relevant to nuclear security and has shown an active stance in strengthening nuclear security, including the introduction of recommended measures of INFCIRC/225/Rev.5, in particular, measures against insider threat and cyber threat. France has been also actively involved in international efforts, including nuclear forensics activities.
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