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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Hiroshima Report 20233. Russia ■Nuclear-Weapon State

Nuclear Disarmament 3.9 Points Full Points 109 3.6%
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and repeated nuclear intimidations raised strong concerns about the possible use of nuclear weapons. Its activities were also contrary to its commitments regarding the negative security assurances and the Budapest Memorandum of Understanding. Russia was the only country to oppose the adoption of a final document at the NPT Review Conference. The number of Russia’s nuclear weapons has been reduced. However, it is estimated to still possess approximately 6,000 nuclear warheads. Russia has actively modernized ICBMs, and developed hypersonic boost glide weapons as well as nuclear-powered torpedoes. Russia complies the numerical limits stipulated in the New START. However, it announced to suspend the acceptance on-site inspections, and notified the U.S. that bilateral talks aiming to resume them were postponed just before they were to be held. It voted against most of the UNGA Resolutions regarding nuclear disarmament. Russia also abstained the UNGA resolution on a FMCT. It has not signed the TPNW.
Nuclear Non-Proliferation 29 Points Full Points 47 61.7%
Russia has been impeding the implementation of IAEA safeguards by attacking and occupying nuclear facilities in Ukraine. It opposes the adoption of UNSCRs and IAEA resolutions on the nuclear issues of North Korea and Iran. Russia acceded to the IAEA Additional Protocol, in which no provision for complementary access visits is stipulated. It considers that the conclusion of an Additional Protocol should be voluntary. Russia supported a proposal by the Arab states, and participated in the UN conference on a WMD-free zone in the Middle East. Several violations on sanction measures against North Korea under the UNSCRs were reported. It submitted a report based on the Guidelines for the Management of Plutonium to the IAEA.
Nuclear Security 8 Points Full Points 38 21.1%
Russia has ratified all nuclear security-related conventions and has established a national implementation system for the A/CPPNM. Russia has never used the IPPAS mission, has participated in fewer multilateral initiatives in recent years. It continues to contribute to the NSF. Russia attacked and occupied nuclear power plants for peaceful purposes in operation for the first time in history.
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