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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Meet Our HOPe Youth Ambassadors! 2/3

We asked Ms Heng about her passion for peace and her aspiration as one of the first HOPe Youth Ambassadors. 



【Name】 Heng Sokkheang

【Age】 16 years old

【Birthplace】 Phnom Penh, Cambodia

【School】 E2STEM Education / Kobe College


What motivated you to apply HOPe YA?

First of all, I’ve been fascinated by the topic of peacebuilding and nuclear weapon since the very first time I’ve attended the Hiroshima Peace Forum which made me want to learn more and more about this interesting topic. Therefore, I believe HOPe Youth Ambassador position is such a blessing opportunity for me to learn more by engaging in more activities, events and discussions with people from various backgrounds with different experiences. Moreover, HOPe YA position will give me a chance to work on improving myself as a global citizen for peace and inspire more generation to engage and join in as well.


What are your hobbies?

I’m really passionate about communication and art. I find joy and satisfaction from communicating and getting to know more people in my free time while learning new things about them and their unique culture.   At the same time, I love to capture the beautiful and important moments that I have experienced in the my personal canvas to record those important history which I can reflect on and share it with the people around me. Through my experience as a HOPe YA, I hope to capture and treasure every moment and lesson I will soon to experience with my respectful coworkers and participants and spread these experience through my personal art and communication to inspire more people to participate in peacebuilding for the world’s happiness.



Tell us about your past activities that may have prepared you to become
HOPe Youth Ambassador for a Nuclear-Free Sustainable Future.

I have participated in the 6th Hiroshima Forum about Peacebuilding and Nuclear Weapon Abolition. In which I have learned truly valuable lessons about the tragic history of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II, due to the nuclear abomination. Through the guidance and explanation of experts in both field, I have learned the rules and many important things about the topic. In addition, I’ve gotten a chance to share my ideas in the discussion with Japanese students and many other participants from different parts of the world. Moreover, I’ve got a chance to listen to the Hibakusha’s testimony during the Hiroshima memorial park virtual tour. Through her testimony, I was moved to tear and felt the pain behind her every word because of those unexpected incidents. Throughout the tour and testimony, I have found a connection between Hiroshima’s history and the experienced my own nationality, Cambodian, have gone through during the Khmer Rouge. Therefore, these very emotions and experiences have led me to become the HOPe Youth Ambassador who strive to work alongside everyone to create a better and more peaceful world where everyone can live freely in the absence of physical and emotional abuse and violence.



What is your vision for the future in 2045?

When I envision the world in 2045, I see a world where people from different backgrounds can co-exist peacefully and happily in the absence of war and conflicts. In my opinion, the world’s peace depends on the actions and mindset of its citizens and happiness of all beings whether mentally or physically.

First of all, I envision 2045 to be a time where people can become much more open-minded to the differences we have between each other. A peaceful world is where everyone is open to give and accept new and different perspectives of one another while living alongside each other in the absence of violence and discrimination. Moreover, I dream of a world where beings of all species, backgrounds, identity and genders, get the rights they deserve and proudly live among others in the society without the fear of speaking up and voice their opinion to public. To build a peaceful place, we must ensure the peace in the people’s mind and physical being first because human resource is the core of society and world development.

However, to achieve this dream, I still have a lot to learn about my surroundings and the meaning of peacebuilding and peacekeeping, therefore, I believe this position will be the best opportunity for me to rightfully and fully carry on as the responsibilities to make this world a peaceful place and nuclear-free world for everyone and work closely with many other wonderful people from other areas of the world. Moreover, I believe my experience from this will surely assist in my goals for the world I have envisioned and a story that’s worth spreading to inspire the next generation to join in as well.



What are your expectations and immediate plan as a HOPe YA?

As a HOPe Youth Ambassador, I hope to spread awareness to people in both my community and the world slowly but surely. I wish to work on learning contents for younger generations to engage with and learn more about the importance of peace and Nuclear Weapon Abolition, as well as the tragic history behind these topics. Moreover, I hope to connect people from various places together through discussion and peace events similar to the Hiroshima Forum. I believe it is my utmost responsibility as a HOPe Youth Ambassador to spread these important awareness and lessons to others and to be the inspiration for the next generations, while learning from the process alongside my fellow ambassadors and participants.



Thanks, and welcome to the HOPe Family! We look forward to collaborating with you!

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