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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Social Book Café Hachidori-sha

Book Café, connecting people to people, people to society, and Hiroshima to the world

A gathering with storytellers held on the 6th, 16th and 26th of every month

Social Book Café Hachidori-sha, which is dedicated to peace, is open to tourists and residents in Hiroshima who are interested in peace. There are books on the themes of peace and social issues at Hachidori-sha, and visitors can read them freely while enjoying delicious meals and tea. The book café holds various events every week, such as a gathering with storytellers held on the 6th, 16th and 26th of every month, a gathering to learn and think about wars around the world, talk shows inviting a wide variety of guests, film screening events, and hands-on sessions designed for both adults and children to enjoy. Under the concept of “do it by ourselves,” all desks and chairs in the book café were handmade using wood and scrap wood produced in Hiroshima and collected from acquaintances and friends of café’s staff. Meals offered at the café are prepared using ingredients purchased from producers who are acquaintances of Ms. Abiko, the owner of Hachidori-sha. The café constantly selects something that they can do by themselves to protect the global environment, even if just a little.

Hachidori-sha is committed to continuing its activities for many years to come and involving more people who are willing to address various social issues. It is hoped that there will be more likeminded people to join the activities of the Social Book Café.

SDG-oriented features

The Social Book Café is conveniently located close to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. This is a place where visitors can communicate directly with each other and share their thoughts. The café is expanding a network of peace involving not only residents of Hiroshima but also tourists.

Social Book Café Hachidori-sha

Address: 2-43-201, Dohashi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City



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