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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Higashi Hiroshima Taxi Co., Ltd.

Tax/Bus Business for Community Service

Driver places the user’s child on the seat.

Upholding its corporate mission to bring and deliver smiles and excitement to every customer, Higashi Hiroshima Taxi Co., Ltd. believes that its passenger transportation businesses are meaningful services for the community.
Its “Kosodate Taxi,” or Taxi for Children, is a transportation service for parents taking care of children aged 0 to 15 and pregnant women. Kosodate Taxi has four types of pick-up services that parents can use for themselves and for their children with peace of mind.
The Chick Course is a service in which a taxi picks up children and drives them between home and school, after-school lessons, or any other destination, on behalf of their working parents. The Stork Course is a service for pregnant women. When labor begins, the registered user calls the taxi company. Based on the pre-registered information, the taxi company contacts her maternity clinic and quickly picks up and transports the user to the clinic.
In the Higashi Hiroshima area, it is difficult for people to live if they don’t use a car for transportation. With its taxi and bus services, the company is committed to serving the community as a transporter that safely transports every person in the area in any situation, with no one left unserviced, delivering smiles and excitement to every passenger.

SDG-oriented features

In 2012, Higashi Hiroshima Taxi Co., Ltd. joined the National Kosodate Taxi Service Association and started the Kosodate Taxi service. As working couples are increasing, it is difficult for them to drive their children between home and school, after-school activities, or other destinations. Pregnant women and children can use the Kosodate Taxi service with peace of mind. The service promotes people’s use of taxis and also enhances the sense of fulfillment of the taxi drivers. The company has also introduced hybrid cars for environmental protection. It has also introduced smartphone applications for online taxi dispatch to make it easy for anyone to call a taxi, such as business travelers who do not know the area or people with hearing difficulties.

Higashi Hiroshima Taxi Co., Ltd.
3387 Saijocho Misonou, Higashi Hiroshima City

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