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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Ricoh Japan Corp.

Create Easy-to-Work Environments and Realize Fulfillment of Each Employee

Electronic whiteboard optimizes the output environment.

The Hiroshima Office of Ricoh Japan Corp. has launched the Hiroshima Office Work Style Reform Program to create an office where employees can work energetically and happily and improve the performance of the office.
This program is operated by four committees: (1) Showroom Renovation, (2) Young Employees’ Active Participation, (3) Management System, and (4) New Office Environment Improvement. As part of the activities of (4) the New Office Environment Improvement committee, which aims to realize a smart office, the Hiroshima Office has abolished the managers’ desks and installed an IWB (electronic whiteboard) at the meeting corner to enhance communication in the office. In April 2018, Ricoh introduced a cloud-based business support service at all offices as an internal communication tool. It utilizes an integrated information sharing environment, including information management, e-mail, SNS, online meetings, and scheduling, to improve business practices.

SDG-oriented features

Of the four committees of the Hiroshima Office Work Style Reform Program, (4) the New Office Environment Improvement committee has set up rules aiming to maintain a tidy and efficient office environment, such as “do not leave many documents and other items on the desk but put them away into the locker assigned to each employee,” or “clear and organize your desk before you leave the office.” As a result, communication between employees has been promoted, and they can concentrate on their core tasks. Where possible, all documents have been digitized to reduce paper use.

Ricoh Japan Corp.
Hiroshima Business Tower, 3-33 Haccho-bori, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City

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